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The War on Women


The next battle.

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  • c u n d gulag

    Oh, I wish he hadn’t given them any ideas!

    And thus, was a new right wing movement born:
    “Conservatives for Clitorectomies!”

    And the women have to pay for them out-of-pocket.

    If we have to have some form of health care in this country, the least we can do is demand that it doesn’t pay for anything involving lady parts.

  • Burqas and benzocaine for the broads!

  • david mizner

    I laughed at loud at “I’ve certainly never seen one!”

    Bringing on Tom Tomorrow and other toonists was a great move by Kos. And now the great Ruben Bolling is contributing there.

    • joe from Lowell

      Ditto. Fall off your chair funny.

    • Hogan

      “I’ve certainly never seen one!”

      I got a spot that gets me hot
      But you ain’t been to it

  • mingo

    I have long wanted a signed print by the estimable Mr. Tomorrow, I just couldn’t decide which one, they are all so good. I will start with this one.

  • the consistent excellence of tom tomorrow is one of the great wonders of the world.

    • c u n d gulag

      He’s the Charles Pierce of cartoonists.

  • Mr. Tomorrow earns bonus points for not including women in the “debate.” It’s just like real life! :)

  • rea

    Given how much the right hates the idea of women having sex–you’d think they’d be a bit more gay-friendly. :(

  • Dave

    You think it’s funny now…

  • DrDick

    You laugh, but I can see President Santorum embracing such a policy wholeheartedly, since female orgasms inevitably lead to indiscriminate promiscuity and defiling sexuality’s proper married heterosexual procreation. It is for making babies only, not for fun.

  • Bart

    Under this scenario, what if a woman’s rare but legal orgasm fails to result in procreation? How many of such failures will be allowed?

    • DrDick

      In 18th century England, female orgasm was considered necessary for conception to occur (Laqueur 1990).

  • Roy Edroso found Tara Stone to speak for the ladies. She of course enlists two men to make the argument.

    Socrates: Let me make sure I have heard you correctly, Glaucon. You say that the other person is a means to obtain a pleasurable experience.

    Glaucon: Yes, I suppose that is what I am saying.

    Socrates: That person, then, has been used as an object, isn’t that so?

    Glaucon: Indeed, Socrates, you are right.

    Socrates: Let us return to our definition of slavery. We said that slavery both reduces the human person to an object to be used and deprives one of the use of his free will.

    Glaucon: We did.

    Socrates: And we have discovered that contraception does both of these things also.

    Glaucon: We did.

    Socrates: And slavery, we agreed, is the opposite of liberty.

    Glaucon: Yes.

    Socrates: Contraception, then, must also be the opposite of liberty.

    Glaucon: Socrates, you have again opened my eyes.

    • Tara Stone link muffed due to selfish orgasm.

    • Okay, I got off the boat. It seems that Glaucon and Socrates believe that post-menopausal females are no longer women, but rather “something else.”

      Also, when infertile couples boink, it is slavery.

      • Hogan

        Also too, pleasure is a zero-sum game.

        • R Johnston

          Very much so. And consent doesn’t matter. Never forget that.

        • mark f

          Wait, so I’m not supposed to shout “I win!”

          • Hogan

            No. And “In your face!” is right out.

            • Rule 34 has never, ever been more applicable.

              • Now let’s never speak of it again.

        • joe from Lowell

          “I’ve certainly never seen one!”

          Still laughing at that.

        • I’m pretty certain that pleasure is actually a negative-sum game in her dialogue. But there is no way in hell I’m rereading about the denial of manly essences* to make sure.

          * not a shorter, but an actual part of the dialogue. Someone is unclear on the concept of Dr Strangelove being satire.

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