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Shorter Republican Candidates


“The problem with the auto bailout is that evil workers actually benefited.  Had all the money gone to obscenely wealthy parasites like Mitt Romney, they might have been fine.”

…shorter #2: “The consequences of teenagers not using contraception proves that contraception is evil.”

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  • commie atheist

    I read somewhere that this may be the last debate. I am torn between wanting the entertainment to continue, and being thankful that it’s finally all over with.

  • Jeffrey Kramer

    If only we could all go directly from the embryo stage of personhood to the corporation stage, the Republican party would always be there for us.

  • howard

    I thought I had something to add but jeffrey kramer said it all!

  • joe from Lowell

    What are the taller ones saying?

    • Njorl

      “Four score and seven years ago…”

  • mds

    …shorter #2: “The consequences of teenagers not using contraception proves that contraception is evil.”

    Yeah, I would have called “To see the evils of contraception, one need look no further than the tragedy of unwed teen pregnancy” the fucking stupidest thing said last night, except (1) it jibes so well with the way the GOP base views birth control, and (2) in my opinion, Newt won the crown with “If you’re America’s enemy, you’re safe.”

    • opiejeanne

      Which genius made that statement? I had no access to the debates last night.

      • My gut says it was Santorum. My churning, roiling gut.

        • mds

          Yeah, it was Santorum who started it by declaring that the reason why he speaks out against birth control is that teen and out of wedlock birth rates are skyrocketing. (Ergo, either he’s in favor of those things or he’s a reactionary dumbshit. I know which way I’m betting.) Then everyone else joined in. Kindly old Ron Paul managed to offer a libertarianesque perspective, which basically boiled down to how we wouldn’t even need the Pill if so many women weren’t immoral sluts.

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