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Maybe He Is the De Facto Leader of the Republican Party


And it’s misogyny all the way down.

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  • L2P

    In California, falsely stating someone engaged in specific sexual conduct is per se defamatory. I don’t think even his buddies on the Supreme Court are going to let him wriggle out of this one if Ms. Fluke decides to sue. . .

    • Richard

      But only if the statement was meant to be taken literally and the First Amendment is not involved. The defense would be that Rush is a blowhard and a provocateur and nobody takes what he says literally. (Not unlike the Fallwell v. Flynt case where the Supreme Court decided that the Flynt article, although clearly false, was not meant to be taken literally or seriously. Nonetheless, I would love to see her sue Limbaugh and make him spend millions on a defense.

      • timb

        Where would her money to do so come from? What would discovery be like for her? She has more to lose by suing, IMHO

        • Richard

          I agree unless she got some public interest entity (like Media Matters, for example) to fund the lawsuit and some good attorney to take the case on a reduced or pro bono basis. Plus Limbaugh would try to make her life miserable and, in the end, she wouldn’t recover much if any money (but might get an apology)

  • LKS

    Would this be the same Rush caught bringing illegally prescribed Viagra back into the country from a trip to the teenage prostitute capital of the western hemisphere?

  • herr doktor bimler

    Whenever these people remind us that the ‘honour killings’ occurring in islamic countries are proof that the entire populations there are vile stone-age scum, it’s time to remember that Republican thinking is always about projection.

  • c u n d gulag

    Rush shouldn’t comment about women, since he doesn’t know anything about them, except to marry them as “beards.”

    And with all the boy’s and young men Rush has schtupped, I’m surprised he’s not an honorary Cardinal or Bishop.

    How his listeners can tune out his illegal Oxicontin abuse and the illegal Viagra possession, is a testimony to how viciously stupid, ignorant, and hypocritical they are.

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