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If You Love Someone, Set Them Free…


Yesterday Alyona and I chatted about Afghanistan:

The technical difficulties 6 minutes in threw me off a bit…

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  • wengler

    I saw this yesterday and you did well despite having no hat.

    I like her show but its rare that she has good guests on foreign policy matters. It must be the fact that they are located in DC.

  • Morbo

    Much more likely it’s because it’s Russia Today.

    • wengler

      And yet Alyona’s show and Thom Hartmann’s are better than anything you will find on the corporate media. They actually covered the Occupy protests and talk about all the issues that corporations embargo(e.g. SOPA/PIPA, Fukushima, wikileaks).

      • BobS

        Head and shoulders above. And it’s not just the two shows you mentioned. They run half-hour news shows throughout the day that are pretty good, and there’s a financial news show called Capital Account that’s also quite informative. A large portion of the half hour show features an interview with a professional in economics or finance. Some of the guests have included Michael Hudson, Bill Black, and Dean Baker.

  • Panetta’s announcement is setting a rerun of Republicans’ Iraq talking points from 2006-2009. Ohnoes, you can’t announce your time frame before hand!

    It’s probably worth pointing out that they were completely wrong about the consequences of announcing and conducting a scheduled pullout the last time they opined on the matter.

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