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Against Authenticity

[ 2 ] February 13, 2012 |

This theme has certainly cropped up here at LGM from time to time, generally with reference to aesthetic affairs. It applies to politics, too, as this excellent post from Rich Yeselson persuasively argues.


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  1. LeeEsq says:

    IMO, the desire for artists and politicians to be authentic stems from the same source, the inability of people to art or politics as a job that somebody might go into because they need to earn a living and think that art and politics would be an interesting way to do so.

    • dave says:

      It really does depend on your definition of ‘authentic’. In regards to politics, if the alternatives are ‘authentic’ and ‘shallow careerist hack’, I’ll go with ‘authentic’ every time. Of course, if shallow careerist hacks begin making a big deal about their authenticity, you’re into infinite regress; but hell if I’ll vote for somebody who openly has no principles…

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