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Foreign Entanglements: Foreign Policy and the 2012 Election

[ 3 ] February 29, 2012 |

Justin Logan of Cato and I discuss foreign policy and the 2012 election in the latest installment of Foreign Entanglements:

  • Two great foreign policy analysts at once. Looking forward to this one for sure! And I’ll forgive Rob for the “creeping militarism” given my affection for the Navy. On the Lexington, see here:

  • Ben

    Good stuff.

    At around the 30 minute mark some heating system or something kicks in, and on the 1.4x speed it’s exactly like the BRAAAAAAHHHHHHMMMMMM of the Inception trailer.

  • SpiderBat

    SLOC is a fun acronym to say aloud.

    Speaking of CATO people, you should try and get John Mueller again, what with Iran being a big issue again.