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I’ll Take the Triple, Please

[ 11 ] January 28, 2012 |

As Ari Kohen points out, posting this is virtually a contractual obligation:

For the record, the Fielders have together hit 16 triples; seven by the father, nine by the son.


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  1. efgoldman says:

    I really don’t understand the signing. Once Martinez comes back, that gives the Tigers three statues in the lineup, and two in the field. One can be very useful (e.g. David Ortiz), but three?

    • wengler says:

      Fielder-based nostalgia coupled with a rich owner that freely spends.

      BTW Prince Fielder also has at least one inside-the-park home run.

    • c u n d gulag says:

      I heard Leland interviewed this week on WFAN, and he admitted the Tigers were giving up a lot on defense when Martinez comes back, and even now, but he said the hitting would be worth it.

      I believe teams that had a ton of hitting by big guys, and not much defense, played in Boston – before they finally figured out that that was not a great way to win a WS.
      And Comerica ain’t exactly the friendly confines of Fenway.

      Their pitchers had better have on hell of a SO ration.

      Leland’s not an idiot, and I’m not far from one, so who am I to argue with the man?

      • efgoldman says:

        Well, Leland ain’t Ozzie Guillen, either. He’s enough of a company man, and politician, not to say anything stupid.
        Its a good thing these guys ar playing in Comerica. I bet they get most of their doubles there, and many fewer on the road.

  2. TimJ says:

    And that commercial brings to mind this Prince Fielder (and cheeseburger) -related story from The Onion.

  3. Warren Terra says:

    I know nothing about these people but I’d hope McDonalds had the good sense to pay them to do a follow-up ad.

  4. Matt says:

    This doesn’t come close to the “lucky gravy boat” commercial they did. (For ESPN, I think, though I sadly can’t find it.)

  5. Aaron says:


  6. CJColucci says:

    It might be amusing to put together an all-time, all-star team of the baseball players who best exhibited skills not commonly associated with their positions: base-stealing catchers, triples-hitting DH’s, strong-armed left fielders and first basemen, slugging pitchers. In the old days, I’d have said power-hitting shortstops. I wonder if it’s generally true that players who have a talent not required by their position are really players who would be playing a different position all together but for a different weakness. Left fielders, for example, don’t actually need to be fast, but often are. The fast ones, however, tend to have poor throwing arms, or they’d be center fielders.

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