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“Hate Whitey Day”

[ 39 ] January 8, 2012 |

Why won’t people leave kindly old Ron Paul alone?

Elsewhere in “paleocon some people like kidding themselves about” news, Pat Buchanan has been suspended for expressing the same odious views he’s been expressing throughout his entire public career. So I assume MSNBC is planning on sliding Paul right into their now vacated “let’s pretend he’s not a hateful crackpot” role…

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  1. c u n d gulag says:

    If Paul was ever for creating a MLK Holiday, I’m sure it would have been to make it on April 4th – the day MLK got shot.

    And Pat Buchanan was suspended by MSNBC?
    What did he say now that was any different from what they’ve allowed him the time and bandwidth to spew about over the last decade, plus?

    I hope the suspension ends in a firing.
    Let him go to FOX where he’ll be welcome with open arms and wallets.

  2. sleepyirv says:

    Why would anyone want to hate Whitey?

  3. Incontinentia Buttocks says:

    Worth noting here (it’s in linked Ta-Nehisi Coates piece) that the occasion for this particular review of the Paul record was Andrew Sullivan’s tweeting during the GOP Presidential debate that it was utterly ridiculous to accuse Paul of racism since he had voted for the MLK Holiday.

    The fact that Paul didn’t, in fact, vote for the MLK Holiday is only the first, and most obvious, thing wrong with this defense of Paul.

    As Uncle Kvetch asked in the CT discussion of “Hate Whitey Day”: remind me again why anyone takes Sully seriously.

    • DrDick says:

      I wasn’t aware that anyone with a functioning intellect did take him seriously. Of course, that excludes most of our media.

    • Murc says:

      I take Sully seriously when he makes a serious argument, and there are a number of issues on which he’s rock-solid and has done real good. I just ignore the inanities.

      Same deal with Radley Balko and (to a MUCH MUCH lesser extent) Matt Yglesias. There are some topics on which they’re reliably excellent, verging on brilliant. And there are some topics where I can tell from the post title I shouldn’t even bother to keep reading.

      • I just ignore the inanities.

        They aren’t inanities, they’re poison.

      • Warren Terra says:

        I disagree. Sullivan’s thought processes are simply defective. He arrives at an instinctive conclusion, and then – buoyed along by the invulnerability of his massive ego – he remains consistently true to that conclusion regardless of the facts or the merits of any counter-arguments. He’s a talented writer and blogger, and so he’s able to write good posts and to highlight interesting vignettes in support of these prejudices, and in some cases he has the virtue of being on the right side. But how he got there eventually matters, because he is so manifestly irresponsible, defective of judgment, and blind to uncomfortable evidence that even when he’s right he is not a good source of arguments.

    • Rarely Posts says:

      Paul is the perfect candidate for Sully on race:
      1) He’s associated with prior racist writings, but it’s all someone else’s fault;
      2) He’s dedicated to not being called a racist; and
      3) He’s not racist: he’s just fascinated in whether the evidence supports racist ideas and he supports public policies that have racially disparate outcomes.

      See, also:

      • HonorableBob says:

        Byrd’s epitaph

        But THAT was OK because…well…he’s Robert Byrd the Democrat he said he was sorry, didn’t he?

        • Malaclypse says:

          Manju trolls Robert Byrd better than you.

          • Holden Pattern says:

            And how sad is that?

          • HonorableBob says:

            Hey, when you have nothing, you should just keep your mouth shut so no one knows you’re an idiot.

            The Byrd legacy hurts and everyone knows it.

            Ain’t double standards great?!

            • Delurking says:

              “When you have nothing, you should just keep your mouth shut so no one knows you’re an idiot.”

              Do you even read what you’re writing?

              • HonorableBob says:

                The Byrd legacy hurts and everyone knows it.

                Ain’t double standards great?!

                I thought this was worth mentioning again in case you’re on drugs. It’s a point that no one wants to acknowledge.

                That’s OK, I understand. I don’t think I would want to acknowledge he was a supported Democrat of the left until his death either if I were in your shoes. It’s tough out there…

                – 1968: Tells the FBI that it’s time that Martin Luther King, Jr., “met his Waterloo.” FBI ignores him.

                – 1991: Votes Against Clarence Thomas’ Supreme Court nomination. Becomes the only senator in the body to have voted against both black Supreme Court nominees.

                – 2001: Refers to what he called “white niggers” on national television. Try to imagine, say, Haley Barbour being given a pass after calling someone a “white nigger.”

              • Uncle Kvetch says:

                Do you even read what you’re writing?

                Fish gotta swim.
                Birds gotta fly.
                Trolls gotta troll.

  4. DrDick says:

    This is yet another example of conservatives not understanding the concept of a “public record” and its implications in the age of Google. I think that, given their generally Medieval mindset, that they think all records are locked away in a tower somewhere and only the select few have access.

    • N__B says:

      The select few being Rapunzel’s hairdresser and dresser.

    • BigHank53 says:

      Their base loves being lied to, as long as their prejudices are reinforced. The media isn’t going to call them on it, because the candidate might get a sad and make them sit in the back of the bus. Anyone who actually factchecks them is obviously a big meany, an un-american freedom hater, and is demonstrating how they’re one of the real racists.

    • LKS says:

      You’re giving them too much credit.

      The first thing they hear that sounds good to them becomes their truth. Pointing out the public record just proves that public records can be altered.

    • efgoldman says:

      I think that, given their generally Medieval mindset, that they think all records are locked away in a tower somewhere and only the select few have access.

      Its not for nothing that Pierce calls Senator Savonarola “that Papist nutter…”

  5. Morbo says:

    Great segue, that’s the name I like to bring up when I meet a liberal who wants to vote for Ron Paul. Worked fairly well for my cousin at least.

  6. Hey, now, I’m sure Ron Paul has a great deal of respect for Conservative Teddy Bear Martin Luther King.

    You know, the one spent his career giving patriotic speeches and telling black people not to be violent. The one who opposed affirmative action – that Martin Luther King. Conservatives love that guy.

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