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Droning On…


Last night I was on Alyona, talking drones and Iran:

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  • c u n d gulag

    Which part did you play, Mr. Farley?

    Iran, or the talking drone?

    • Robert Farley

      This is why Jesus invented the serial comma.

      • cpinva

        This is why Jesus invented the serial comma.

        i understand they’re quite tasty, with milk, and some sugar sprinkled on top. they also provide a full day’s calcium requirement, and quite a bit of fiber.

        ok, i now understand why people watching the show had a difficult time focussing on you. consider an uglier partner next time.

  • Ya might want to rephrase that “on Alyona,” if you have a significant other who lurks the blog.

    You two had a point: it wasn’t until yesterday that I saw even the slightest glimmer of coverge on the USMSM of the war in Iran and only last week that I even started reading rumours of it on the web.

    • ajay

      it wasn’t until yesterday that I saw even the slightest glimmer of coverge on the USMSM of the war in Iran

      …of the what?

    • Walt

      Uh, there’s no war in Iran (currently).

    • Let me get this straight: the shooting between al Qaeda and the US military isn’t a war, but aerial reconnaissance over Iran is a war.

      Have I got that right?

      • rea

        No, aerial reconassance might be a violation of Iran’s soveriegnty, but it would not, itself, be a war.

        But Alyona also references a myterious explosion, the disappearance of a nuclear scientist, and a computer virus attack. If we are indeed behind all these things, that’s a war, or at least, close enough for government work.

  • Best straight line ever.

  • Grocer

    Next time, put a light on your desk or something. Using just the overheads makes you look like the Emperor’s cousin.

    • Pith Helmet

      Seriously. Raccoon eyes are no way to go through life.

  • Njorl

    Remember to sit on your coattail to prevent the jacket from rising up in back. I learned that watching “Broadcast News”.

    But don’t worry, you’ve got Albert Brooks beat by miles.

  • wengler

    The Russians don’t let you wear a hat?

  • dan

    What’s with the reluctance to state that as part of the covert campaign Iranian scientists are being assassinated? Alyona mentioned scientists “disappearing” – a bizarre way of phrasing it in this context. Does RT think that its US audience is too delicate for this to be mentioned?

    I would, however, take issue with the notion that the US can continue with its covert campaign for 5 or 6 years – sooner or later, and I would guess sooner, there’s going to be a real fuck-up involving non-deniable live bodies.

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