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Those Hindus and Their False Idols…


Next Tuesday, Kentucky State Senate President David Williams is going to lose to incumbent Democrat Steve Beshear by about thirty points. Rather than accept this outcome with honor and dignity, Williams decided to “fight”:

The director of Flex Films (USA) said comments made Tuesday by GOP gubernatorial candidate David Williams were offensive and hurtful and called for the state Senate president to be “ostracized” from his own party.

Anantshree Chaturvedi and Elizabethtown officials voiced outrage following Williams’ comments criticizing Gov. Steve Beshear’s participation in the Bhoomi Poojan, a traditional Indian ground blessing ceremony performed Friday to usher in construction of the company’s manufacturing plant in the T.J. Patterson Industrial Park on Black Branch Road.

The company has estimated it will invest $180 million in the Elizabethtown plant and create 250 or more jobs in Elizabethtown after choosing Kentucky over several competing states because of the hospitality received from state officials.

During a campaign stop in Bullitt County, Williams chastised Beshear for participating in the ceremony, which called for guests to take off their shoes and sit cross-legged on white cushions. For more than an hour, participants observed the traditional Indian blessing through a haze created by burning incense and a ceremonial fire as a priest chanted Hindu prayers. At the end of the ground blessing, participants shoveled the newly blessed earth into a hole in the center of the pit.

Williams questioned Beshear’s judgment in joining the ceremony, saying it is contradictory to the values held by most Kentuckians and unbecoming of a governor who touts his upbringing as the son of a Christian minister.

Williams also equated it to idolatry, or the worship of false idols, and said he hopes those who practice Hinduism find Jesus Christ as their savior.

You may or may not know that Georgetown, Kentucky is home to TMMK, the largest Toyota factory outside of Japan. It is rumored that the Japanese may, on occasion, engage in religious practices not particularly conducive the finding of Jesus Christ as their savior. Similarly, you may or may not know that the horse industry is big in Kentucky, that a considerable amount of investment in the horse industry comes from abroad, and that some (very large) percentage of that investment comes from people who do not hold Christ in their hearts.

To be sure, I do think that a comparison with Jack Conway’s clumsy Aqua Buddha attack ad is fair to a point. In this case, however, Governor Beshear is being attacked for participating in a ceremony at the behest of foreigners who want to invest in Kentucky; the implication seems to be that a Governor Williams would put his concern for Jesus’ feelings ahead of his duty to support foreign investment and job creation.

Observation over the past six years has indicated to me that the good people of Kentucky are far, far more interested in the money and jobs brought by foreign investment than by the need to convince Jesus that he’s still number one. Toyota is enormously popular in the state, and the Arab investment in the horse industry appreciated. Both the Conway and now the Williams attack have been more embarrassing than effective.

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  • John

    Shouldn’t Paul’s mockery of Buddhism ought to be at least as offensive to Buddhists as to anybody else?

    • catclub

      I think both Conway and Williams made the same mistake of thinking their opponent took the religious exercise seriously.

    • Hogan

      Please do not offer my god a peanut.

      • Furious Jorge

        You’re just gonna get more wrath …

  • wengler

    In the war of pragmatism versus ideology, rightwingers would do well to stick to what works.

    Hinduism is seen as a novelty and therefore not a threat. If it were Mooslims, however…

  • cpinva

    you might want to re-observe:

    Observation over the past six years has indicated to me that the good people of Kentucky are far, far more interested in the money and jobs brought by foreign investment than by the need to convince Jesus that he’s still number one.

    these are the same people who elected rand paul to the senate. what convinces you they actuall think about anything?

    • Mark

      And the Ark theme park guy….

  • mds

    the implication seems to be that a Governor Williams would put his concern for Jesus’ feelings ahead of his duty to support foreign investment and job creation.

    Well, the House of Representatives has just put re-reaffirming that our national motto is “In God We Trust” ahead of fuck-all to do with the economy, so Williams is in exalted company.

    • Njorl

      It’s on the money, so it has something to do with the economy. How would all those loose money liberals feel if God got angry and destroyed it all because we didn’t express our trust in him enough?

      Back during the debt limit fiasco, Democrats should have introduced the “In God We Trust” resolution, which would be a demand that President Obama mint several platinum coins worth $100 billion each with “In God We Trust” on them in big block letters. They could have Reagan’s face on one side and the Pentagon on the other.

  • That’s just Sikh

    • rea

      Sikh isn’t Hindu

      • It’s a joke.

        • Clearly not a good one, either.

          • Don’t you hate when people fact check your jokes.

  • Njorl

    I predict violent clashes in the streets between mobs of film makers and horse breeders.

    • The obvious solution is more movies about horse fucking.

      • H-Bob

        No, that’s South Carolina [according to Jon Stewart, South Carolina has the “world’s most alluring horse”!]

  • How very odd.

    Here in Lowell, the only thing we like better than a groundbreaking ceremony for a manufacturing business is a nice, well-spiced curry.

    So…you’re sure you want to locate in Kentucky?

    • NBarnes

      Mmmm. I could go for a nice curry right now. We’ve got a really nice Thai place here, but no Indian to speak of, let along good Indian.

      • Rhino

        Canada is crammed cheek by jowl with amazing Indian restaurants from nearly every part o the subcontinent. Hell, even here in rednex heaven, alberta, I can choose between 5 superb and another 20 excellent places, and another 50 reasonably priced blue collar joints.

        Maybe you should move. We have health care and well regulated banks as well…

        • Scott Lemieux

          Are you talking about Calgary? I’m going to need some tips if so…

          • sure, feel free to email me…

  • wiley

    It’s all the same god— Alexander, Alejandro, whatever. Even all the lesser gods are manifestations of the ONE. Since the “Gods” these people imagine are in conflict with their own won’t come down to Earth and duke it out FTW, then forgeddaboutit. Get over it. Move on. Worry about a real problem, like UNEMPLOYMENT. Sheesh. Can you believe the hubris of people who think they have to defend a supernatural, omnipotent, omniscient being lest it get its fee-fees hurt? What kind of weak ass god is that?

    • Hogan

      What kind of weak ass god is that?

      Yahweh. It’s in the Bible.

      “We’re living in the 21st Century, and people still wage war to impress invisible superheroes who live in outer space! I thought we would all be chilling out in solar-powered flying cars by now.”

      • wiley

        Yeah, well for Christians, there’s that Jesus fella who had a different message. It appears that the angry wrathful thing wasn’t working out, so Jesus brought a message of peace, love, patience, and forgiveness.

        Personally, if I believed in an angry, vengeful god, I’d be careful not to speak for it, lest it be angered.

    • Wouldn’t it be odd if the one true God turned out to be John Frum?

  • Malaclypse

    Let’s not feed the troll. Let him eat his McRibs, and let nature run its inevitable course.

    • Hogan

      Seriously. It’s like the all-you-can-eat troll buffet up in here.

      • Evidently it worked, because I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • “Stick up for” lawlz.

    My aunt and uncle were founding member of Voices of the Faithful.

    Authoritarian mindsets can only understand lockstep obedience and war.

  • klk

    Yes, poor Obama was forced to renounce Rev. Wright due to liberal concerns about separation of church and state. Probably Bill Ayers did the forcing.

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