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Should noted philanthropist Ndamukong Suh have been suspended for two games?



Sometimes we need to look beyond opinions from the usual suspects for a more nuanced treatment of these sorts of questions.

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  • R Johnston

    That video just made my day. Thanks.

    • djw

      The Tebow video is pretty good, too.

    • Joseph Slater

      As a long-time, long-suffering Lions fan, I’ll just say, made my day too.

  • Downpuppy

    Funnier than the end of Billy Clyde Puckett’s football career, but probably with some chemical similarity.

  • Morbo

    Should noted LGM poster Paul Campos have cropped the image to fit within the blog’s margins?

    Also, I don’t see how palming the helmet and using a player as a bat is a facemask; clearly the league is out to get him.

    • Anonymous

      As a Browns fan, that’s exactly how I remember Suh’s hit on Delhomme.

  • Joshua

    NMA TV should be declared a national treasure.

  • Probably should have been fired outright.

    • Rob

      Keep in mind his coach went crazy after an opposing coach patted him on his back “too hard.” In other words its an institutional thing.

      • In fairness, that was coach Sandusky who patted him

  • c u n d gulag

    “My name is Suh. How do you do?!?!”
    Maybe he’s taking Johnny Cash’s song a bit far, and taking out his anger on opponents, instead of the man who named him Suh.

    Seriously, though – yes, maybe more.
    This isn’t his first incident. He was just in the Commish’s office a few weeks ago apologizing for another egregious act.

    Also, the Head Coach needs to be fined.

    And the team needs to be fined.

    Suh ain’t doing this in a vacuum.
    And I’m sure some of his teammates have already told him to calm the f*ck down before there’s some serious retribution against one of them.

    Having said that, this guy is one Hell of a D-lineman.
    I hope he learns to channel his anger-management issues into sacks, and not on-field assaults on opponents.

  • ploeg

    Yeah, you think that video is funny now. Next game, Suh will show up with his own whip and chair. Then you’ll be sorry.

  • Tom Renbarger

    I’m definitely going to start rooting for Ndhadouken Suh now!

    • Based on this video, we have to name him SUHZILLA!!!

  • rea

    Having seen the play that’s getting him suspended, I find that video considerably less funny. And of course, it was a disasterously stupid penalty as well, getting the other team a touchdown rather than a field goal.

  • Should Noted Philanthropist Ndomukon Suh Be Suspended for Two Games?

    The can suspend you just for collecting stamps?

    The Player’s Association sucks!

    • Could have been worse. He could have been engaged in philately.

      • c u n d gulag

        He was. Just not lately.

      • Hogan

        Hey! Let’s keep it clean.

        • What? You mean that’s not collecting memorabilia from Philadelphia?

  • Jim Lynch

    “And I’m sure some of his teammates have already told him to calm the f*ck down before there’s some serious retribution against one of them”.

    Deacon Jones ignored the players, and took his beef about dirty play to the top. He tells the story of pounding on the locked door of the 49ers locker room after a game at Kezar stadium back in the ’60’s, while screaming for 49er head coach Jack Christensen to come out so he could kick his ass.

    Another story (which I don’t doubt is also true) took place a decade earlier. Niner QB Frankie Albert was getting worked over in a hyper-aggressive manner by the Rams front four during the first half of a game. During halftime the Rams were accordingly warned that if they didn’t knock it off, their QB Norm Van Brocklin would definitely suffer a broken leg before the game was over. It was a gridiron version of the USA-USSR nuclear reality of mutual assured destruction.

    • c u n d gulag

      Oh, if only the younger folks knew who you were talking about when you mentioned the great, GREAT Deacon Jones.

      The best D-lineman, ever!

      He had a forearm shiver that I’m surprised didn’t pop-off the heads of some Offensive Guards and Tackles and launch them up in the air like defective ‘Rock Em Sock Em Robots.’

      And then, after than, he’d pop them with his palm across the ear-hole in the helmet. I’m sure he gave more than one lineman a concussion every season – if not game. They just didn’t acknowledge concussions like they do now – you played on.

      And yes, all of this was legal. AND MORE!
      Ah, real football…

      And yeah, I know that’s why a lot of those guys are now, decades later, mentally and physically damaged cripples – but hey, it was what it was. Real Football.

      • Heh, and yet, only Rosie Grier played on TWO Fearsome Foursomes…

        Still, no one was tougher than Jack Youngblood.

        • rea

          only Rosie Grier played on TWO Fearsome Foursomes…

          If you don’t count Roger Brown . . .

    • Morbo

      “The headslap was to do two purposes. One was to give myself an initial head start on the pass rush, in other words an extra step; because any time you go upside a man’s head–or a woman–they have a tendency to blink they eyes or close they eyes, and that was all I needed.”

      • Bill Murray

        But the O-linemen started putting upside -down screws in the holes on top of the helmet and sharpening the screws, so tht when Deacon tried to head slap them he got nice puncture wound

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