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Petroleum Lies


Who could have guessed that energy companies would wildly exaggerate the economic benefit pipelines bring to local communities!

Here are the tax dollar promises TransCanada promised South Dakota counties and what they are actually paying:

Marshall County: $937,804.50 promised; $286,280.98 actually paid;

Clark County: $1,369,565,98 promised; $359,646.04 paid;

Miner County: $1,140,855.42 promised; $391,047.39 paid;

Hutchinson County: $1,140, 264.64 promised; $424,504.72 paid.

Yankton County: $837,988.68 promised; $247,965.58 paid.

In return, county property owners also received oil leaks and degraded property values near the pipeline.

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  • DrDick

    As someone who grew up in the oil patch and who was fed, clothed, housed, and educated with oil company money, let me just say that the first law of oil companies is: They lie, about everything.

    • wengler

      Second law: Oil men are the scum of the Earth. Treat them as you treat thieves and murderers. They’ve likely done both.

      • DrDick

        And those are the good ones.

  • Bill Murray

    and the second law is entropy, we don’t need no more entropy

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