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Facebook informs me that Mommy and Daddy are fighting … about Iran!


According to my Facebook feed, Spencer Ackerman’s responded to Farley’s recent post on Iran. Since they both know what they’re talking about, I’ve very confused. But since I’ve only punched one of them in the stomach as hard as my feeble muscles allow, I know where my loyalties lie.*

*Yes, I’m being obscure on the Internet. But not that obscure, really.

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  • Malaclypse

    My personal vote is that anybody who uses the word “impactful” automatically loses the argument.

    • SEK

      My advisor was of the same opinion, so I used it as much as I could. It’s a damn fine word, used by Herbert Spencer regularly and with much vigor. Granted, he was a terrible writer … but hey! I’m “the nicest fucking person on the internets,” so I can say whatever I want.

      • Malaclypse

        I have not read Spencer in 20-some years, and have no memory of that word tainting his work. I am sure that is a flaw with my memory, but it is nevertheless a blessed flaw.

    • elm

      I concur. Irregardless of the merits of either side of the argument, Farley wins by TKO.

  • N W Barcus

    Me, I’ve always wanted to ask if Farley was the “Bob Farley” that people at Stewart House near University of Oregon describe as having been found handcuffed, panty-clad, to the fire escape the morning after one of their epic parties. (Bob’s is a cautionary tale told to newbies, which is how I heard about it, of how the hippies in Eugene can be pretty militant when provoked.)

    • SEK

      You’ll have to take that one up with the boss.

  • cpinva

    i do not know mr. ackerman, nor do i play him on tv. i have never punched mr. ackerman in the stomach, nor did i stay in a very comfy, yet modestly priced hotel room last night. all that aside, i was less than whelmed by mr. ackerman’s argument, which seems to be that “hysteria equals reality” or something to that effect. and therefore, we should all wet our pants at the prospect of an iran nuclear warhead, with a 500 man delivery system.

    that cheap, comfy hotel room is looking very good right now.

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