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Contre Le Sexisme De Roiphe


See Cohen, Beyerstein, Dell’Antonia, and Marcotte.

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  • Lindsay Beyerstein

    Thanks so much for the link, Scott. Unfortunately, that URL got corrupted. Here’s the live one: http://bit.ly/uHvRht

    • Scott Lemieux

      Fixed! It was an excellent post.

    • Visitor

      Thanks for doing such a wonderful job! Double-thanks for taking the wind out of a piece that sullied beautiful words like “capacious” and “creative”.

      In addition to being — at best — an insensitive apologist for creepy behavior, the original author has apparently never worked in an office with people with senses of humor. Real ones, not abusive ones.

  • thebewilderness

    If you want to work for the corporate media you do the anti feminist apologist stuff while calling yourself a feminist. Thems the rules when the targeted audience is quite likely to be a perp.


  • i was simply astonished to see that piece; it could only have been written by a person whose idea of a typical workplace is a university.

    in the real world, at real jobs, there is no argument to be made in favor of sexual harassment, and if the line looks to be too brightly drawn: tough. people in the workplace are entitled to count on a professional atmosphere.

    • Incontinentia Buttocks

      Actually, in the university (which, popular opinion be damned, is part of the real world) there is also no argument to be made in favor of sexual harassment.

      • howard

        ib, of course that’s true; i’m only pointing out (in a slightly hyperbolic way) that a university isn’t much of a workplace in the normative sense: it’s a very dispersed operation, with only a modest degree of “workplace” and a large degree of classroom, one-on-one, and autonomous effort going on. (and students, of course, are not fellow workers.)

        all i’m really suggesting is that roiphe clearly doesn’t understand what it’s like being trapped in an office or on a shop floor 40+ hours a week with someone who is harassing you, and i’m suggesting that’s partly because a university teaching and writing career has very little in common with either of those normative experiences for most people’s workplace.

        but yes, absolutely, i’m not saying that sexual harassment is ok at a university!

        • Hogan

          a university isn’t much of a workplace in the normative sense: it’s a very dispersed operation, with only a modest degree of “workplace” and a large degree of classroom, one-on-one, and autonomous effort going on.

          There are many people working at universities who aren’t instructors.

          • hogan, hence the word “modest.”

            • Hogan

              Yes, I heard you. Hence the word “many.” Would “way more than there are instructors” have made it clearer?

              • hogan, i’m no longer even clear what point you are trying to make.

                yes, there are people employed at universities who work in offices and who are not teachers (and there are many people who are employed at universities who make food and clean offices and so on and so forth). that doesn’t make a university just like a corporate office or a shop floor, but of course it does mean that sexual harassment can take place.

                none of that has anything to do with katie roiphe, who clearly doesn’t understand what that kind of working situation is like and who clearly only knows the life of a teacher and writer.

                beyond that, as i say, i truly don’t know what your point is supposed to be.

  • As a woman I say, speak for yourself– bitch. If I should end up in a situation with you or someone who shares your views on sexual harassment, in which I am having a problem with sexual harassment and you are not, I will make it your problem. We’ll throw down and see who comes out on top. O.K.? Because I get tired of being dragged down by women who like to use sexual prowess to manipulate men and other women. In fact, in working situations, women have done more to bring me down than men, because a cultural/social habit of many women is being backstabbing and indirect when dealing with other women in the workplace. When I work in otherwise all male or male dominated jobs I don’t suffer from sexual harassment because I say directly what I will and will not tolerate and all the men I’ve worked with have respected both my limits and the fact that I spelled them out clearly.

  • c u n d gulag

    I almost puked when I read that thing on Sunday.

    Does Roiphe want those sexual harassment seminars, courses, and video’s to take a “Pro!” position?
    “No ya pansie, dat ain’t how you grab ‘er ass, rub your crotch against ‘er, and tell ‘er dere’s more where dat came from. Let me show you how to grab a chick’s ass. I need a chick. Any volunteers? No? You, da bimbo with the big headlights and the caboose, come ooooooon doooooooown!”

    At best, this will result in the workplace looking like a Marx Brothers movie, where Harpo’s chasing whatever female is nearby.

    It’s taken decades to educate people about sexual harassment in the workplace, no matter what that workplace is. And that also applies to sexual harassment between homosexuals, too.

    Sexual harassment is sexual harassment.

    What an idiot!

    • Bighank53

      Yep, but she drives pagecounts and incoming links.

      …I’m sorry, were you expecting something better?

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