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The fact that the Arizona Diamondbacks and agent Scott Boras got into a public spat over the impeding free agency of Willie Bloomquist is, to say the least, the most absurd thing I’ve heard all day.

Luckily for Bloomquist, the Diamondbacks bought Boras’ high-end crack and resigned Bloomquist to a 2 year-$3.8 million dollar deal. It’s really hard to see how they could have spent that money otherwise….

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  • wengler

    Is Bloomquist a rich man’s Nick Punto?

  • I disagree

    4 years, 50 mil for Papelbon isn’t the most absurd thing you heard all day?

    • Fine then, it’s one of the 2 most absurd things I’ve heard all day.

      • efgoldman

        That the Sox wouldn’t pay him that, when Bard is not the solution, Nathan might or might not be any good, Madsen wasn’t good enough for the Phillies when Pap was available, and the guy from San Diego may or may not be able to handle the much higher pressure in Boston (not to mention AL lineups every night).
        Someone wiser than I said “spend the money on your own guys, first.”

  • Henry Holland

    the most absurd thing I’ve heard all day

    What a sad, insular life you lead.

  • LKS

    Just $1.9m/year? A third-line NHL forward makes more than that.

    • Bill Murray

      and is probably more valuable to the Diamondbacks.

      Bloomquist had a negative value compared to a replacement player last year. $1.9 million is apparently the highest salary Bloomquist has received in his career, will be 35 at the end of the contract and has 2 years (2003 and 2008) in his career where he was any better than replacement level and has had better than an 80 OPS+ (ie 20% below average) twice

  • c u n d gulag

    And for 2 years!
    Maybe they signed the 34 year-old Bloomquist for his upside? :-)

    What dopes. What maroons!

    • Right–it’s the 2nd year that makes no sense. Better lock down Bloomquist for that age 35 season!!!

      • Bill Murray

        They’re hoping he finally recaptures his form at Lancaster in 2000 or that he keeps on that Skeeter Newsome path and has that one year where he is nearly average.

      • c u n d gulag

        If this were the late 1990’s, when 37 was the new 27, I might be able to understand.

        Now? Not so much…

        And even then, it’s not like this guy was likely to be another Sammy, Mark, Barry, Raffy, or Roger.

        Jesus, even my Yankees stopped doing stupid shit like this! Ok, most times…

    • L2P

      What with this and the pending sale of the Dodgers, I can almost be happy to say Go Big Blue! It’s always amazing to see teams blow a few million on these marginal utility guys that could be instantly replaced by anybody from the minors. I’m sure we’ll be hearing about how the Diamondbacks can’t make any money at the next collective bargaining negotiations…

      • c u n d gulag

        Yeah, I’m starting to think this may be MLB owners trying to follow the NBA’s lead into salary caps and extreme revenue sharing – all profiting the owners far more than the players.

        The NBA strike is basically about owners begging the players, ‘You’ve to stop us, from signing more Eddie Curry’s!!!”

        No one, of course, held a gun to the Knicks heads to sign Curry.
        Just Isiah Thomas knowing that James Dolan is one of the most arrogant, insecure, and in the top-10 of the dumbest rich motherfuckers on the planet.

        But the MLB Players Union’s is still going strong. If only other unions could be the same (except for the steroid-testing issue, of course).

  • Is there anyone in the world of major league baseball who is better at his or her job than Scott Boras?

    • efgoldman

      Nope. Not on either side.
      But Papelbon’s agent (see above) is doing pretty well, too.
      There’s a school of thought in Boston right now that says they ought to trade Ellsbury while’s he’s at the absolute top of his value, rather than waiting for Boreas to put him on the market after 2013.
      But the Sox and Boras have had a good relationship. (read: have allowed Boras to screw them on one player – Drew, Dice-K – to get something else they want). I don’t know if the relationship was personal with Theo, though.

      • c u n d gulag

        I believe the spelling is Bore-ASS.

        • efgoldman

          I don’t hate on him.
          He’s the ultimate capitalist, doing the best job for his clients and maximizing his own income.
          He has no obligation, other than contractual, to the teams, MLB or the fans.
          And, you know, he really didn’t hold a gun to Theo’s head and force the Sox to spend tens of millions more for Drew than any other team would offer.

    • L2P

      Boras is the equivalent of Pujols, except he only bats at batting practice. He’s very good at what he does, but does anybody really think that on average, management in baseball is anything other than awful? That makes it ridiculously easy to hit home runs every time you have a client and you have Boras’s reputation.

      Let’s look at it another way. Think of the number of truly great signings any baseball team has made in the past 5 years. Compare that to the number of “meh” and “pretty bad” and “sweet mother of god, why would you sign Carlos Lee to a six year deal?” contracts that our out there. Those guys aren’t ALL reped by Boras. If you’re an agent and not absolutely destroying management, you’re playing below replacement.

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