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Barney Frank


…apparently not running again. He will be missed.

He’s the only prominent political figure I’ve ever had an actual conversation with, and he was just as whip-smart as you would expect.

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  • mark f

    The congressional districts are changing drastically, so I assume that’s a major factor in his decision.

    • Nah, Barney is untouchable, and the district didn’t make him weaker or pit him against another incumbent.

      • mark f

        Oh, I have no doubt he’d win if he ran. I just look at him losing some of his bigger towns (like New Bedford and half of Fall River) and could see him maybe being too tired to reorient his organization for the likely result of toiling in the minority for a few more years. I’m sure he’ll have a much more lucrative job with many fewer headaches lined up shortly.

        • Ah, capice. That makes sense.

        • Darlene Hooley didn’t run again because she was tired of all the campaign fund-raising crap. I miss her, but Jeff Merckley is good, too. I don’t have much to bitch about with my representatives here in Oregon.

          • Unless you are represented by Greg Walden. That would suck.

            • I’m sure it would. Salem is full of government workers. They might despise the people they serve, but they don’t want to lose their jobs or their benefits.

          • Oy weg. Merckley is a U.S. Senator. Kurt Shraeder replaced Hooley. I have an appointment with his office next week concerning veteran’s issues, and my friend has an appointment with his staff over issues of disability and health insurance.

            I spent a lot of time with Hooley’s staff on behalf of a client. They were great. I hope Shraeder’s staff is just as good.

      • Malaclypse

        TMP is saying the redistricting is a factor.

        • Marek

          Barney Frank said redistricting is a factor, too.

  • howard

    What a loss and what a frickin’ shame.

    In addition to all his other virtues, barney is a living, breathing demonstration of the psychological value of coming out.

  • Incontinentia Buttocks

    As a staffer in the national HQ of the Dukakis campaign in ’87-88, I had actual conversations with many prominent political figures, and Frank was among the more officious and unpleasant. Unlike, e.g., Jay Rockefeller, who was polite and pleasant when dealing with campaign staffers, Frank gave you the very strong impression that you weren’t an important enough person to be having a conversation with such a prominent politician as himself.

    Nevertheless, I’d so much rather have a Congress full of Barney Franks than one full of Jay Rockellers. Frank will be missed (and I agree 1000% with howard about the epistemology of the political closet).

    • Hogan

      I can’t remember the last time I saw an Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick reference in general conversation. Good on ya, IB.

  • Ken

    Obviously he’s freeing up time to run a third-party Presidential campaign, attacking Obama from the left.

    • Malaclypse

      Everything Barney has ever said makes it clear that that is, indeed, his plan. I can only assume that he is waiting to hear back from soullite so that they can coordinate the announcement of their candidacy.

      • c u n d gulag

        soullite doesn’t care who announces – just that someone does announce!

  • DrDick

    This really is a sad loss to the country. Cthulhu knows where we will find anyone to replace him and his powerful voice for progressive policies and ideas in government.

  • c u n d gulag

    So, Barney’s retiring, but sacks of protoplasmic shit-scum like Bachmann, both King Klowns, Gohmert (Pile Of S.H.I T.), and the other Republican anarchists, nihilists, and all-around general soulless shit-for-brains in the House get to stay!

    Further proof that either there’s no God, or He/She/It keeps f*cking with us Liberals!

  • Grammar polisi

    This is what happens when we let the gays marry. They all quit to spend some more time with their significant others.

    • Marek

      I KNEW there was some reason to be against it!

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