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Shorter Rick Perry: I Will Model My Foreign Policy in Mexico after Jack Pershing’s Campaign against Villa”

[ 48 ] October 1, 2011 |

It’s really tough to see how this could go wrong:

Gov. Rick Perry of Texas said on Saturday that as president, he would consider sending American troops into Mexico to help defeat drug cartels and improve border security. He indicated that any such action would be done “in concert” with the Mexican government.

“It may require our military in Mexico working in concert with them to kill these drug cartels and to keep them off of our border and to destroy their network,” Mr. Perry said during a campaign appearance here.

Yes, I’m sure the Mexican government will be ecstatic to see American troops on its soil. Moreover, I’m even more sure that decapitated American troops dumped on the side of a Mexican road will find a great deal of support among the American public.

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  1. Epicurus says:

    Governor Perry is not what I would call a “deep thinker”.

  2. Any mention of Our Brave Troops + Any mention of violence directed against brown people = guaranteed applause from the Republican base.

  3. scott g says:

    Perry is of course building off the well-established efficacy of military-style eradication campaigns both domestically and internationally. Cartels couldn’t possibly work in black markets, and they’re helpless against military C&C.

  4. cpinva says:

    on the plus side, it would keep the killers occupied, and out of our country. as my brother used to say, when he was in the army back in the early 70’s, you always need a war going, to keep the killers happy.

    heck, they could live off the land too.

  5. Malaclypse says:

    Look, if the empty slogan “Support The Troops” does not mean that we can invade any country on any pretext, then I don’t know what it means. Why do you not Support The Troops, Loomis?

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  7. DrDick says:

    And just how does he intend to pay for this misadventure? I thought that Republicans were all about reducing the debt. Oh yeah, I forgot that wars pay for themselves. Silly me.

  8. Fats Durston says:

    From the skies of Tripoli-hi-i,
    To the bounds of Montezoom,
    We will solve our country’s pro-hob-lems,
    By making all go “boom.”

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  10. Weepingsam says:

    I greatly fear if Perry were to win, this would be the natural result. We’ll need a war to end the depression by then, and what could be more convenient than invading Mexico?

  11. Incontinentia Buttocks says:

    So who would get to play Lee Sarason / Dick Cheney to Perry’s Buzz Windrip / Dubya?

    Would one of the Kochs consider public service?

  12. c u n d gulag says:

    Why can’t we invade Canada?

    Montreal is one of my favorite cities in the world.

    Maybe after Mexico.

    Who thought we’d blow the dust off of Manifest Destiny in the 21 Century, and want to control the continent from the Equator to the North Pole?

    And why stop there?
    Let’s go for South America. After all, it’s got ‘America’ in its name.

    America – Pole to Pole!

  13. E L says:

    Would the invasion of Mexico happen before or after we nuke Iran?

  14. This is a transparent ploy in response to the grief he’s taking from the Republican base for allowing a sliver of humanity to show in his immigration platform.

  15. He indicated that any such action would be done “in concert” with the Mexican government.

    How we should respond if our neighbor asks for our help in fighting the drug cartels is an interesting discussion.

    Also an interesting discussion: who would win if Batman fought Spiderman?

    • RepubAnon says:

      Anyone who thinks that the Mexican government would ever ask for armed US troops south of the border hasn’t any clue of Mexican politics.

      Not. Gonna. Happen.

      Plus, it would be another mega-disaster attempt to use the military as a police force to fight criminals (See Afghanistan). For example, “narco-corrida” songs romanticizing drug cartels are popular in Mexico – imagine if the drug cartels were fighting the folks that had invaded your country in the past and taken large chunks of your country’s territory.

      What’s “wolverine” in Spanish?

  16. Alison says:

    At least we know if Perry takes over Mexico, he’ll have some great ideas for renaming it

    • dave says:

      That’s so pricelessly MSM. They haven’t the guts to actually write the word ‘Nigger’ in the main text, but they’ll sneak it in as long as they’re quoting someone.

  17. Yosemite Semite says:

    There’s an interesting twist to the invasion proposition. The shock troops for invasion would be the U. S. Marines. (And not only do they have the capability, they have the history, right? “From the halls of Montezuma…,” etc.) The ethnic composition of the U. S. Marines is a bit hard to winkle out, but it seems that a somewhat larger percentage of Marines are Hispanic than in the general population of the U. S.; about 13% to 10%. So, given that, how many Hispanic Marines will be enthusiastic about the prospect of killing their cousins and uncles and nephews?

    RepubAnon is certainly right on the Mexican politics. Nevah hoppen, GI!

    Rick Perry is Ronald Reagan Lite. (Gen. Perry, as we can call him, is undoubtedly another chicken-hawk.)

  18. […] Erik Loomis at LGM notes Perry’s remarks in New Hampshire, as reported by the New York Times. Another crazy put this idea out there; now it’s moving into the mainstream, which just shows how crazy the mainstream has become. […]

  19. I bet the faux-military wankers who patrol the border got REAL fucking quiet when he came out with that one.

  20. 4jkb4ia says:

    This has to be heightening the contradictions. Americans might not think about this sort of thing when it is in Colombia. But when it is in Mexico it will be yet another failed war very quickly. Opponents can point to years of NYT coverage about the Mexican law enforcement system that isn’t. Just soldiers aren’t going to solve that.

    Taegan Goddard’s link to Nocera’s review of “Confidence Men”, which should put paid to the idea that he is a Beltway hack

  21. […] it will be more effective than Blackjack Pershing’s laughably poor pursuit of Pancho Villa is less certain, and that presents the possibility that such actions would, in the long run, be […]

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