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4CA Rejects Cuccinelli/Falwell Lawsuits


Neither majority decided on the merits; they were rejected on standing and ripeness grounds, respectively.

Much more about this later, although for know I’ll say that I was happy to see Judge Motz correctly rule that the mandate is also within the federal government’s power to tax.

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  • jsmdlawyer

    Completely OT, but where’s the LGM Pigskin Pick ‘Em for this year? Simply skipping Game 1 tonight? I’ll take the Saints, with or without points, for the record.

  • Anonymous

    So, who’s surprised?

    Three judge panel, one appointed by President Clinton and the other two appointed by President Obama himself.

    Yeah….we’re all impressed.

    • Mrs Tilton

      Because only Republican-appointed judges are real judges, just like only white Christian teabaggers are real Americans.

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