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I am very angry with myself.

About a year ago, I was in a Seattle bar with djw. We were talking about the 2012 Republican presidential season. I noted that I thought Rick Perry was going run. I was just finishing my 3 years living in Texas and about to embark on my sojourn in Ohio. I had seen him lay the groundwork for the nomination, doing everything possible to appeal to the crazies. Watching him destroy Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the governor’s race was both depressing and impressive.

Moreover, we quickly found out that Perry was selling for a 1 share on Intrade. I said that I would put some money down on Perry. At the very least, I figured he’d allow his name to be bandied about and that would raise his share to 5 or 10 and I could make a bit of money that way.

Perry is currently selling at 39.8.

If I had dropped $100 on Perry last summer, I’d have almost $4000 right now. Although I’ve never actually used the site and might be missing some of how it pays off.


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