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The Baseball Equivalent of Bush v. Gore


has been provided by Mr. Jerry Meals. This was no garden-variety, or even Phil Cuzzi variety, blown call — as with Bush v. Gore, the bad faith is transparent.  As you can see [scroll down to “Braves walk-off”], although I apparently can’t embed, the runner (who was tagged up and down his body while being nowhere near home plate) is understandably shocked to have been called safe.   In this case, the bias against the Pirates was once removed — I assume Meals was more concerned with the buffet at the local gentleman’s cabaret getting cold than which team won — but the effect is the same.  On a game that could have a major impact on two pennant races.

Obviously, if Selig was serious about his job, Meals would be working at Arby’s tomorrow.   I expect to see him in the World Series.

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