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Bradley Sacked

[ 10 ] July 28, 2011 |

Bob Bradley has been sacked as head coach of the USMNT, allegedly because of the performance of the side during the CONCACAF (could somebody please rename the regional association?) Gold Cup.  This has been long in coming, and Bradley has had his share of detractors since replacing Bruce Arena following Germany 2006.  Of course he was always second choice; and the then first choice, Jurgen Klinsmann, is without a job at the moment.  The side is going to go through a fallow period over the next five years or so as a solid generation ages with no visible replacements playing with decent European clubs, which makes the gig less attractive than it was in ’06.  However, we require a top shelf manager who knows the game at the highest level, which, I’m sorry to note, rules out any extant MLS managers.

Give Klinsmann what he wants, and get him in now.



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  1. wengler says:

    That’s a nice catch-22 included in the last paragraph. If there is any vehicle that can elevate American coaches to a higher level it’s coaching the national team. I would much prefer say taking a young guy like Kreis, who has done great things for RSL, over hiring a mercenary from overseas.

  2. actor212 says:

    Why would Klinsmann take the job now? No Donovan, the best player he’ll have is Edu or Altidore, and while the expectations are low, so will be the results.

    If you’re thinking he can create a mass immigration to the States of foreign-born players, I’m not seeing where there’s much evidence to support that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pia Sundhage?

  4. Dave Brockington says:

    Klinsmann shouldn’t take the job now, which I implied in the post. As for elevating American coaches, I honestly don’t care. I want to see the USMNT do well. I don’t really care if an American coach gets good enough to manage in the English second division. There’s a decent chance that Sigi Schmid gets the job, and aside from not liking that the Sounders lose him, he might be a decent manager for the national side. He’s proven that he’s a solid tournament manager (two straight US FA Cup wins, the 1-0 loss in Panama two days ago aside). But I think Klinsmann would get more out of the side, and more importantly, bring up younger, untested players, something Bradley was ineffective at doing.

    • wengler says:

      US team supporters always seem to think that there is some European secret to winning this sport. There isn’t. The biggest thing is building a system that creates quality players.

      Considering soccer is the 4th or 5th most popular sport in this country, we are doing pretty good. I suppose the major problem for the US is scouting and team selection, since the players are spread out like sticks in the wind. I am not necessarily against Klinsmann, but I certainly don’t see him as some sort of miracle man, and I will question his dedication if all the new players he brings in are coincidentally from southern California.

  5. chris_goff says:

    Klinsmann it is.

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