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[ 35 ] June 30, 2011 |

Apparently, a complete dick has been suspended by MSNBC for one of the least offensive things he’s ever said.


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  1. soullite says:

    You can be as terrible a human being as you want to be, but don’t you dare insult a village elder!

    The sickness that is Washington D.C.; a cancer on America’s body.

  2. c u n d gulag says:

    Well, it’s the least that could be done.

    Remember the road to and from DC was littered with the bodies of pundits who called Little Boots a “dick.”

    And the Liberal bastards did it EVERYTIME they mentioned Cheney’s name. How unnecessary was that, huh?

    Never happened? Oh well. Never mind…

    ANd I don’t think any of this was accidental, btw.

    It wasn’t an “Ooops!”
    He asked if they had the 7-second delay, and then Halpering said it with a smile on his face. Unless they turned the camera’s away from him, and bleeped out the entire line, it was going to be pretty obvious to people who can read the lips of a person saying a one syllable word, or figure out what the “___________” word was. He could have saved that gem for Schmoe and Mika at a commercial break if he wanted to.

    And now, thanks to Halperin, the MSM has its new talking point – that Obama is the one acting like a dick, not the Republicans.

    He can apologize all he wants, but his is, a ‘mission accomplished.’ I’m sure he earned a ton of ‘street cred’ within the Conservative world. And that suspension will, in the end, cost him nothing.

    • firefall says:

      yup, these meaningless suspensions are becoming pro-forma, and another way for the vile scum that makes up the press corps to burnish their ‘honesty’ badges.

      Fire his ass if you think it’s offensive (fat chance, I know).

      • c u n d gulag says:

        Halperin is loving all of this.

        He can now play the victim of the Liberal MSM, and will take his ball to FOX ASAP, where Aisles will pay him a ton of money.

        And how ironic is it that in a conversation between Cup o’ Schmoe and Halperin, it’s Obama who’s the the ‘dick?’

  3. mark f says:

    The president didn’t admit the pure, inherent goodness of rightwing rhetoric and negotiating strategy? What a dick!

    Chait, from the link:

    Would Halperin be apologizing and facing suspension if he called, say, Donald Trump a dick? If not — and I’m pretty sure he would not — why the different rules for a president?

    He’s right (although Trump’s a bad example for NBC), but the answer is obvious: they’re terrified their reporter won’t get to ask Jay Carney an inane question whose answer no one gives a fuck about.

    • Scott Lemieux says:

      He’s right (although Trump’s a bad example for NBC), but the answer is obvious: they’re terrified their reporter won’t get to ask Jay Carney an inane question whose answer no one gives a fuck about.


  4. What was the full context of “joke”. The links don’t provide an answer.

  5. What was the full context of the “dick joke”. Obama was being “a dick” about what exactly? The links don’t provide an answer.

  6. actor212 says:

    How much of this is because Immelt is basically Obama’s corporate point man on a) job creation and b) corporate campaigning?

  7. HairyApe says:

    This morning is another example of the political press corps behaving like junior high schoolers. Joe’s buddies giggled that Mark said a dirty word. Then Harold Ford, who plays a liberal on TV, protected his 7 figure salary by defending Halperin. I don’t want Halperin suspended or fired. He’s been a Republican/Right Wing hack as long as I can remember. His mistake this morning was to settle the question once and for all.

    • Uncle Kvetch says:

      Atrios already said it best:

      God, I hate these people.

      • c u n d gulag says:

        It’s not a mistake.

        On top of setting a new talking point about Obama being the dick, and not Republicans, Halperin can now play the vicitm card and waltz over to FOX and make a ton of money.

        Halperin is a dick. But he’s going to be a richer dick soon.

        • HairyApe says:

          A good point. This morning should help solidify Halperin’s place in the carnival freak show that is cableland politics. Time Inc. might prefer more sober types to interpret every political development as bad new for the Ds. I expect Howie Kurtz to spend the entire hour this Sunday having a jury of his peers decry the Left’s vicious on that fine fellow, Mark Halperin.

  8. DrDick says:

    While I am a charter member of the “fuck this mindless civility” club, if the president calling for Halperin and his overfed, pampered elite buddies to share in the “shared sacrifice” they keep trying to impose on the plebes is being a dick, I can only say, “Bring on more dickishness, please!”

  9. Anonymous says:

    My favorite part of the exchange is Harold Ford agreeing with Halperin a minute or two later but saying he’d choose other language. Choose another party you bought and paid for hack.

  10. Suzan says:

    They are all dicks.

    Bring on the chicks!

    They couldn’t be much worse.

    (Not talking about the Backman/Coulter diseased types.)

  11. Ed says:

    This has nothing to do with any question of lese-majeste. The suspension simply shows that even in our degraded political discourse, an alleged “political journalist” still can’t characterize the president with a childish body part vulgarism on national television. Would Halperin have got away with it if it had been Trump? Possibly. Possibly not. Glad he didn’t, though.

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