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Promiscuity by Nation


Those damned Finns–labor radicals in 1911, sex radicals in 2011. What are we to do with them?

America is predictably middling in the promiscuity index. Though interestingly a notch above the French.

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  • richard

    We beat the French but lost to the Lithuanians, Slovenians, Latvians and Croatians? And the Finns win but the questions aren’t even posed to the Danes, Swedes and Norwegians?

    • Bart

      Scandinavians were DQ’d due to being socialists/hedonists.

  • Malaclypse

    If you read the methodology, a virgin with a rich fantasy life can count as promiscuous.

    • Jay B.

      We lead the world in those, surely.

    • DrDick

      There is hope for The Donalde yet!

  • Makes me proud to be a Finn.

  • DrDick

    What do we do about them? If we are sane, we join them!

    • Sounds like they’d enjoy that.

      • DrDick

        Hopefully, so would we.

        • Dibs on Pamela “Suomalaisen” Anderson!

  • Uncle Kvetch

    “I can imagine myself being comfortable and enjoying casual sex with different partners”

    At the same time? In the same week/month/year? I think there’s a fly in the ointment here…

    • mpowell

      That one only accounts for at most a 6 point difference. Doesn’t Lithuania have a reputation for having hot women? That sounds like the place to be…

  • C.S.

    Forget the fact that we’re behind the UK or the Latvians . . . we’re behind freakin’ Morocco!

  • Looks pretty GIGO. Fantasizing is quantified and classified as promiscuity.

    • DrDick

      True, but fun, nonetheless. Sometimes it is good to let your hair down and giggle.

    • Malaclypse

      I wonder – do Normy’s Canadian girlfriends raise promiscuity levels here, or in Canada?

      • Bill Murray

        well since they happened back in summer camp in high school, they probably aren’t included

      • DrDick

        Neither country wants to claim them.

      • Do we pay them in dollars or loonies?

      • So he’s really Thomas the Skank Engine?

  • cpinva

    do you get a prize if your results cause your country’s score to go up, all by themselves? :)

  • LosGatosCA

    The Asians would seem to either have some cultural inhibition about sexual polling.

    Better questions, or even better, data, on rates of prostitution, adultery, and age when virginity is lost, number of partners per year after 18 and prior to marriage would all be massively more accurate.

    But this poll is more fun.

    • mpowell

      Agreed except on the prostitution front. In a society with cultural inhibitions towards casual, mutual consent sex, prostitution could serve as a substitute.

      I think the one night stand question is also a good one.

  • What to do with them? Tear down their saunas!

  • Randy Owens

    What are we to do with them?

    Finnish them!

    • Randy Owens

      Aw, shoot, there was supposed to be a [/MortalKombat] at the end there, but with the angle brackets, so I guess it got eated. Consider this the closing tag.

    • rea

      What, are you advocating Suomicide?

      • Hell, Sinky them in the Baltic, the Pori scuses for humans!

  • Manju

    Everyone needs to get a grip on themselves. If we all come together, that’s as good as any finnish I can think off. i’m sure even teabaggers want to be on top. So now is not the time to go all wobbly.

    • Walt

      It’s time for a bipartisan orgy.

  • rea

    Just another example of how gay marriage is ruining the country–lowering the promiscuity score.

  • Marc

    The methodology appears at least as sound as other internet polls.

    Hint: African countries being at the bottom end of the list.

    I’m sure that there are startling statistics in WorldNetDaily polls too…

  • Toivo

    Did they control for Hattifatteners?

    • No, but I’m betting they missed Lordi too.

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