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Apparently, the team that signs Joba Chamberlain’s paychecks is upset that a player of actual accomplishment is too demonstrative.

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  • c u n d gulag

    I’m a Yankee fan, and I think this is really amazingly stupid.
    How do we critisize others when we’ve had some of the great HR hotdogs in baseball history?
    Reggie Jackson.
    Mel Hall.
    Ruben Sierra.
    Jose Conseco.
    Gary Sheffield.

    • Rob

      Well the Cardinals do this to every single other team in the sport despite having Pujols currently playing for them. This to go up 6-3 last night:

      • elm

        Yeah, this is pretty universally true: your overdemonstrative player is just emotional; their overdemonstrative player is trying to show you up. I agree what Girardi said is stupid but every team has had a showboat on it and every team has complained about every other teams’ showboats at some point. So everyone’s stupid!

  • Marek

    File this post under: haters gonna hate.

    Joba 2010: 1.4 WARP.
    Joba 2011: 0.4 WARP, so far.

    It’s been a long time since he was overrated. Now, he’s just a decent middle reliever, and no one pretends otherwise. Maybe your pony needs a new trick?

    • Joe

      Shhh. Also, the sports reporters on the SNY Live (the Mets station) show today agreed that that little move was in poor taste. But, it’s just Yankee boorishness. Shh.

      • Furious Jorge

        Oh, well, if a different flavor of New Yorker says it was in bad taste, well, case closed.

  • mpowell

    Is this a Yankee problem or a NY media problem? A lot of the time the media will ask a player or coach a pointed question and they’ll answer it honestly and then an entire story gets written about something nobody involved really cares about. Anybody shows me up, sure I’m going to be irritated by it (even if I would do the same thing to them). That doesn’t mean I’d be too upset about it. But when you’re a pro the media will make a big deal out of something that doesn’t matter that much to you if they feel like it. So it really depends on who brought this up at the press conference. It’s either further proof that the Yankees are annoying or the NY media is annoying…

  • Boudleaux

    I’m amazed that nobody has commented, as it was perfectly audible on the despicable YES broadcast I had to endure last night, quoth Papi in the dugout:

    “That’s how I’m coming after your ass.”

    If he had not had to jump out of the way of the prior pitch, I don’t think he would have done the bat flip. And no, I’m not happy that Teixeira got pegged.

    An I agree with the above-whining Yankee fan. Why harp on JOBA when Swish is about the biggest smirking a-hole ever?

    • Dennis

      Swisher isn’t making his money playing baseball, so he has to make it somehow. Think of him as an overpaid Mr. Met who doubles as a spot reliever.

  • NBarnes

    Gosh. Major league baseball players, with salaries that range from $350,000 (entry level) to $25,000,000, playing a game in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans, may not be entirely without pride and ego? And the people who’s job it is to keep these players on the same page and pulling in harness together, often ex-players themselves, may not have perfectly detached and objective perspectives themselves! Quel domage!

    Not a swipe at Lemieux, really. Just weariness with the entire narrative.

  • Jim Lynch

    Last week, an announcer (I assume it was the Yankees play-by-play guy) referred to a Swisher home run as “Swish-i-licious”.

    I wish I was making that up. San Francisco sports talk radio station KNBR played it numerous times over the next couple of days. The first time it did, the DJ simply remarked, “A grown man said that”.

    The “unwritten code” in baseball is always undermined when a team goes public with its offended sensibilities. If the bat flip by Ortiz did in fact annoy the Yanks, he should have been drilled at his next plate appearance. No muss, no fuss. If his next at bat came during a inopportune moment, say the 9th inning of a tied game, then the Yanks should have just let it slide, or brushed him back the next game.

    • Boudleaux

      Yes, Swishilicious.

      Maybe the most revolting utterance ever.

      This is the same hammer head (to give credit, many Yankee fans hate him too) who was saying last night that the fact that the Red Sox had won all but one game with the Yankees was irrelevant to the question of which team was better.

      Right. Dispositive, maybe not. But irrelevant?

      • c u n d gulag

        That would be John Sterling.
        The only way to describe him is – YUCK!

        And yes, Swishilicious is awful.
        Want more?

        Do you know who can hit a HR if Granderson hits one? The Grandy Man can!
        Also – Oh Curtis, you’re something sort of Grandish!

        And if the new catcher, Russel Martin hits one, it’s because “Russel has Muscle!”
        And there’s some French one that he does for him, that’s really unbelievably obnoxious.

        Want more of what we Yankee fans have to put up with if we can only catch the game on radio?
        -Cano? “Robbie Cano, don’tcha know!
        -Gardy goes yardy!” (Brett Gardner)
        -Andruw Jones makes his bones!
        -An A-bomb from A-Rod! (Alex Rodriguez)
        -You’re on the mark, Teixeira!
        Also – Mark sends a tex-message!

        I’d document MORE of his attrocites, but I don’t want anyone to hurl so soon after lunch.

    • Ep

      If a player acts in an unsportsmanlike manner, the opposing team should act in a way that could get their pitcher ejected? And could injure the offending batter? Instead of, you know, talking about it?

      Anyways, if you read the actual comments, it seems as if Girardi and Martin were responding to questions specifically targeted at Ortiz’s behavior, rather than offering unsolicited opinions.

  • Ep

    Ortiz dismissed any ill-intent on the flip.

    “That’s Papi style.”

    If anyone on the Yankees hit a homer, took their time in the box, flipped the bat, and said “That’s style,” they’d get mocked mercilessly. But it’s OK! He’s on the Red Sox. That’s just scrappy play from the underdogs.

    • Ep

      In between “That’s” and “style,” there’s supposed to be “[insert nickname here]”.

    • NBarnes

      They’d get mocked because the Yankees carefully cultivate their clean-cut and corporate image (remember Damon getting his hair cut?). It would be ridiculous for a Yankee in a way that it is not for a Red Sock, in a way that has nothing to do with being an underdog.

  • Jim Lynch

    Cundgulag: That’s un-fucking-believable.

    It’s amazing that the Yanks, of all clubs, allow someone like that near a mic.

    They’d be well advised to take a cue from the San Francisco Giants. Its broadcasting team is brilliantly entertaining, and I’m not being being a homer in saying as much.

    Jon Miller and Dave Fleming on the radio side; ex-big leaguers Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow on TV. No matter who Giants fan might be listening to, it’s always a pleasure. As corny as it sounds, tuning-in is like hanging out with friends at the ballpark.

    • c u n d gulag

      Yup, and we’ve been living with this asshole since 1989, if I remember correctly.

      They do have Susan Waldman, a former Broadway singer and actress who moved to sports radio, working beside him.
      She was a pretty good to very good reporter, and one of the pioneer’s of women in the sports talk radio field. But now, after years with Sterling, she’s like an abused wife – kind of like Mika, laughing at stupid stuff, and covering glaring errors.

      Yeah, I could never understand why the Orioles let Miller go – he was, and is, great!!!
      Possibly because he was critical of ownership.

      And while I loved Miller, I couldn’t stand Morgan – and not because he hated the Yankees. When he first started out, I liked him. He was pretty good, and you knew he knew his shit. He was arguably (?) the greatest 2nd Baseman of all time. But he didn’t bother to do any homework over the last decade or so, and it was painful listening to him.
      If it wasn’t for Miller, Morgan’d have been fired years ago.

      • Joe

        The YES team has some good voices, but Michael Kay is someone I can’t stand either.

        • Scott Lemieux

          Kay is unbelievably bad — Sterling’s technical skills but boring. It’s nice when he’s on one of his 10 vacations a year and Singleton does the games.

  • OT for Scott:

    You’ll be happy to know that Boston now despises the Vancouver Canucks.

    That didn’t take long.

  • joejoejoe

    Ortiz could restage Riverdance between home plate and first and it would be less selfish than Derek Jeter insisting he bat leadoff. If you don’t want David Ortiz flipping his bat after a home run, find a way to get out David Ortiz. The Yankees have a monument of Reggie Jackson in the outfield, not Miss Manners. Girardi is Captain Boring.

    • Michael Drew


  • greylocks

    This would be the same Yankees of St Jeter of the Faked HBP.

    Also, speaking of class and good taste, pretty much no one down here in Tampa sees either in this monstrosity.

    • Furious Jorge

      Best part of the linked story:

      “Jeter is in town this week for his charity golf tournament, but it was unknown if he’s staying at the new waterfront home or if he’s staying in his quaint $1 million home in Avila.”

      • rea

        Jeter owns a home in the Tigers’ catcher?

  • brad

    Does this mean there’s a Noon “working to limit the impact of childhood obesity on this current generation is akin to eugenics” post on-deck?

    • brad

      Obviously I mean Campos, sigh. Snarkfail.

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