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I had always hoped that Osama Bin Laden was a reader of LGM (and perhaps even a commenter; maybe wengler?). Turns out not so much. I’m still kind of optimistic about our Quetta and Peshawar readers, though. Memeification begins here.

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  • Warren Terra

    There’s still Al Zawahiri.

  • wengler

    You couldn’t have name checked Pastafarian instead?

    I don’t believe I’ve talked about burqas being fashionable lately.

    • Robert Farley

      It’s a sign of affection!

    • Warren Terra

      The burqa, actually, if looked at in a different way is a very liberating garment. Because, it’s very neutral, a woman can wear it, she won’t be judged on her age, on her race, on her appearance, it looks smart and professional at all times, you will never be late for work, you just pop it on, if you are running late, you can slip it on over your jim jams, how cool would that be? You are doing a presentation no one knows that underneath you are wearing pyjamas and holding a teddy. If it’s boiling hot in the office you can be naked at work! And no one would know. Never be late for work, set the alarm 2 minutes before you got to be out of the house, jump up, brush teeth, burqa on, out the door. Don’t feel like going in, send a couple of kids one on top of the other.

      – British comedian Jeremy Hardy, on The News Quiz

  • Funny idea, but didn’t they say his compound had no TV or Internet?

    • rea

      Yeah, he communicated with his servers by courier. There is evidence (not “evidence” in the sense of statements by sworn witnesses that would be admissible in court, but something that would apparently count as evidence in terms of establishing the media narrative) that those servers were located in Madison, Wisconsin. So, anyone from Madison who commented here was probably bin Laden. Who comments here from servers located in Madison, who hasn’t commented in the last few days?

      • Stag Party Palin

        Good place to hide, if you’re a Kurd.

        • Warren Terra
          • rea

            No whey anyone thinks that!

            • Stag Party Palin

              I’ve got a Pecorino that’d love to meet you.

              • rea

                And here I just thought you were glad to see me.

  • gocart mozart

    Didn’t you ban Bin Laden a while back for saying silly things about Wisconsin protesters or am I thinking of someone else?

  • Wengler is a Spurs fan. Everyone knows that OBL, like myself and Dave Brockington, was an Arsenal fan.

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