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Today Among the Passive-Aggressive Birther Curious

[ 19 ] April 28, 2011 |

Shorter Differently phrased Ann Althouse: “I don’t understand how the Times can say that the entirely baseless controversy about the place of birth of the candidate in the 2008 election who was born in the United States had anything to do with race. It’s all an amazing coincidence!” (Another variant from Tom Maguire, the Orly Taitz of the birther curious.)

In related news, connoisseurs of inept Althouse fanboys will enjoy this attempt to argue that her disastrously wrong op-ed which invoked Harry Blackmun, Thurgood Marshall, and William Brennan in the course of an argument about why liberals should support Alito was not actually trying to claim that Alito was more moderate than Scalia. Right. Is “chances are that a [justice] will please conservatives more often than liberals” something you’d say about Sandra Day O’Connor or someone who’s to the right of Scalia? (Hint: Alito, for all intents and purposes, never disappoints conservatives. For that matter, he doesn’t “disappoint” liberals who, unlike Althouse, took some time to examine his record; there’s nothing unexpected about his performance.) This feeble revisionism must also come as a surprise to Althouse herself, who was still claiming that Alito was closer to the Court’s center than Scalia and ThomasĀ  (based, of course, on a case in which he took a position to the right of Scalia and Thomas) after he was appointed and for all I know still believes it.


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  1. Xenocrates says:

    Simple rule: Althouse is ALWAYS wrong. The End.

  2. jon says:

    We won’t be able to determine if this birth certificate is genuine, until we’ve had a chance to examine a photographs of the penis.

    The fun never ends.

  3. rea says:

    You’d hardly expect someone like Althouse, with no knowledge or experience of the law, to be able to analyze the ideological propensities of Supreme Court nominees in sensible fashion. She needs to audit a few law school classes before venturing to offer an opinion on such technical subjects.

  4. mark f says:

    This is all Obama’s fault for spending literally zillions of dollars to keep it hidden. He’s the most secretive presidential candidate ever! And why won’t he stop writing autobiographies?

  5. bobbo says:

    Love how her entire beef with the NYT consists of her quoting it. First class analysis right there.

  6. efgoldman says:

    Because i don’t know where else I can put this, in case we’re not pissed off enough today (via Benen)

  7. Superking says:

    This blog’s need to constantly review and comment on Ann Althouse’s latest idiocy is one of its least appealing qualities, perhaps only surpassed by your need to discuss whatever that Donald guy is doing. Ann Althouse is a second tier blogger at best. She receives little respect and has no influence. I cannot understand why you continually focus on what she happens to be saying.

  8. cpinva says:

    i am curious about one thing: how long does it take ms. althouse to untangle herself, after penning nonsense such as this? does she have an assistant?

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