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Shocking New Evidence!


Barack Obama is a Somali pirate.

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  • MAJeff

    What a sad sword.

    • Anderson

      It probably looked better before he whacked a few things with it, if I know kids at all.

  • gocart mozart

    The sword is crescent shaped. What does that tell you? This can only raise further questions.

    • elm

      And it is clear that the point of the sword is pointing towards Mecca! Even then, he was attempting to introduce Sharia law to our country!

  • R. Johnston

    So International Talk Like a Pirate Day is really a stealth holiday in propagandistic support of our imperial marxist islamic atheist nazi overlord Barry Soetoro?

  • KC45s

    Why is Paul McCartney dressed like a girl?

    • gocart mozart

      I don’tknow, why does your mom look like Mick Jagger KC45s?

      • gocart mozart

        In order to properly respond to a wingnut, you have have to remember what it was like to be on a playground in third grade.

    • Hogan

      Shorts and a button-down shirt = “dressed like a girl”? You need to get out more.

      • KC45s

        LOL. Wow. Yeah, “wingnut.” Seriously, tough guy, you should become a psychological profiler.

        • Jeff-n

          You should learn how to use the ‘reply’ button properly.

          • hv

            The reply button worked better back on the 3rd grade playground, I’m guessing.

  • Mr. Trend

    A Socialist Muslim Pirate, no doubt.

  • Malaclypse

    The photograph showed the son, but my eye gravitated toward the mother. That first glimpse was surprising — the stout, pale-skinned woman in sturdy sandals, standing squarely a half-step ahead of the lithe, darker-skinned figure to her left.

    Okay, there is a whole lot of nuts here, but stout???

    • Warren Terra

      To be slightly fair, the author is talking about a different, later picture:

      The photograph, taken on a Manhattan rooftop in August 1987 and e-mailed to me 20 years later, was a revelation and a puzzle.

      That said, someone has failed quite badly in creating at least the online version of this article, as the article leads off with a whole paragraph about this 1987 photo but the photo is not in the online version of the article (perhaps it will be in the magazine version?).

      And the paragraph is really quite absurd, an unsuccessful attempt at a flourish to motivate interest in a topic that, frankly, needs no motivation: this woman led a fascinating life in its own right, even if she hadn’t had and raised a fascinating and important son. As you note, it’s unkind about her figure, totally unnecessarily and irrelevantly.

      Really, the whole article was something of a disappointment. Apparently Ms. Scott has written a whole book about Dr. Dunham; we can hope that this book has, per page, less gossipy nonsense about her personal life and her relationship with her husband, and more about her work, her ideas, and her ideals. In any case, it couldn’t easily have more gossipy nonsense per page than the article does. Presumably, there’s ample material for a serious book about Dr. Dunham – Dunham’s thesis alone is several hundred pages, and that’s before you start interviewing people who’ve known her, something Ms. Scott clearly has done. I suppose, though, that someone – and I hope it was her editor at the Times and not Ms. Scott herself – decided that the allegedly juicy stuff about Dr. Dunham’s relationship with her second husband was the appropriate material to excerpt for the magazine.

      • BigHank53

        One of my minor hobbies is collecting wingnut literature from the fifties and sixties. America: Listen! by Frank L. Kluckhorn* (A Ranking Officer of the US State Dept.) is one of these. While there are many ways to approach criticism of the Kennedy administration’s actions, and Kluckhorn indulges in all of them, there are also vituperative personal insinuations about Kennedy’s health, the stability of his marriage, and filthy Irish immigrants that were his ancestors.

        I hold no great hopes for Ms. Scott’s book: there is a large and healthy audience of those who want their biases confirmed.

        *No, really.

  • C’mon, these photos of Ann Dunham are way more interesting than the black African child (and future Radical-in-Chief).

    • Malaclypse

      Always stay classy, Donalde. Keep that Machiavellian elan!

    • R. Johnston

      Apparently they give degrees, or at least hire faculty, in clowning and masturbation at Long Beach City College.

      How do you feel about the fact that you destroy any value attached to the education of any student who ever passes through your school? Surely that must make you feel at least a little bad.

    • Even if those are photos of Obama’s mother, what does it prove, Donny Boy? Aside from the fact that you’re a sleazebag, which we knew already…

        • R. Johnston

          Donald Douglas is a lying sack of shit whose every word amounts to theft from his students. He’s a disgrace to the human condition.

          I apologize for my slander of lying sacks of shit.

      • Scott Lemieux

        Yeah, that’s my favorite part of the wingers the Donalde links too. So, the argument is something like that because there are nude pictures of a 50s pinup model who looks vaguely like Ann Dunham), Barack Obama was really the love child of Malcolm X and Bill Ayers took his LSATs? Because if Obama was real Ann Dunham would have never removed her clothes ever? But don’t call them crazy conspiracy theorists!

        • Malaclypse

          Look, there are only two types of women – mothers (includes virgins as a subset), and whores, and these sets are mutually exclusive. Nekkid pictures of someone who bears a passing resemblance to Ann Dunham prove conclusively that she could never be a mother. The only conclusion is that Obama, like Damien Thorne, was born of a jackal.

          I have proven this beyond a shadow of a doubt, using geometric logic.

    • soullite

      Half the girls I’ve dated have naked pictures of them floating around the internet. Why would anyone care about this in 2011?

      • BigHank53

        It should be 1851, you nasty little postmoderist creep, and anyone who says something different is a filthy lie-beral.

        Conservatives: not quite sure what progess is, but they know they don’t like it.

      • Uncle Kvetch

        Half the girls I’ve dated have naked pictures of them floating around the internet.

        Send them to Professor Douglas, I’m sure he’ll put them to good use.

    • witless chum

      Nineteen words, making two claims that are both demonstrably false, and a dubious assertion. That’s………..something.

      Donalde’s average is better than a Yeti wandering through Tel Aviv.

  • Kyle

    Cue the Birthtards with “definite proof” that the grass in the photograph is a species found not in Hawaii but in Kenya.

    • R. Johnston

      Nah. You have to beat Donald Douglas into the thread if you’re going to speculate about what the birthtards are going to say.

  • Manju

    Well, the Hillary Clinton Campaign warned us that he’s a Somali native:


    …and now it turns out he’s one of their Pirates. No wonder he can’t answer the phone at 3am. Thats when he’s on the high seas.

    • Even as an Obot, I maintain that showing pictures of your opponent dressed up and looking silly is fair game.

      Tank helmets, fezzes, clean-room gear, what have you. Bring it on.

      • Manju

        this is the plausible deniability practitioners of southern strategies hope to trigger. Since Bush was portrayed as monkey, it’s OK to portray Obama as one.

        Obama dressed in Somali garb has racial connotations. Dukakis in a tank does not. Remember, Birtherism began on the left with Clinton fanatics. Clinton surrogates pushed the secret Muslim meme. And then one of them went on TV to claim he is a Somali native.

        In that clip, Pat Buchanan was practically Malcolm X to Stephanie Tubbs Jones’ George Wallace. Surreal.

  • Tempted

    The lady look’s like a alien.

    • Warren Terra

      Is the comment’s misuse of the apostrophe meant to distract us from its insulting intent and its utter inaccuracy?

      • Tempted

        Have you ever considered becoming a missing person?

        • soullite

          Nobody wants to visit your perv-dungeon, freak.

      • Anderson

        But remember, Warren, that Republicans are NOT misogynist assholes who can’t even look at a cute family snapshot without degrading the woman in it.

    • soullite

      Anyone saying things like this should be forced to post a picture of themselves…

    • hv

      Lucky for her, then, that we stopped judging folks by how they look!

  • Gus

    I can’t believe no one has pointed out what a cute little kid Obama was.

  • Here, pictured with Liz Phair in the early 1990s…

    My God, that’s funny!







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