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There is Literally No Argument so Dumb That They Won’t Make it


Shorter Daily Tucker: By encouraging people to exercise, Michelle Obama is effectively a murderer. Among other things, Obama seems unaware that while walking and running are deadly activities, nobody has ever died operating a motor vehicle.

Update (PC): That “sharp increase” noted by the Daily Caller in pedestrian deaths was from 1,884 to 1,891.

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  • DocAmazing

    And again, the basic irrationality of the motorist position: motorist hits pedestrian, pedstrian at fault? Yeah, kind of like Rep. Giffords got in the way of those bullets. In the absence of speeding and inattentive drivers who like to rummage around in their glove compartments and send texts while driving, the pedestrians do just fine.

    • Malaclypse

      And again, the basic irrationality of the motorist position: motorist hits pedestrian, pedstrian at fault?

      True. But if bicycle deaths went up, fewer people would even think about blaming cars.

      • DocAmazing

        Tell me about it. Even here in San Francisco, the cops almost applaud when a bike is hit.

        • Kurzleg

          I’m happy to say that wasn’t my experience in Minneapolis. Not only was the officer helpful, but a bus driver plus a few bystanders got the license plate number of the car that hit me and left the scene.

        • Malaclypse

          In Our Fair City of Cambridge, MA, not only did the cops fair to ticket the driver who blew a stop sign and nailed me, not only did they threaten me with arrest for asking why he was not ticketed, but they would not help me with my wrecked bike. I was left with the choice of walking a long way while really pretty hurt, carrying my bike, or getting a ride from the person who hit me.

          • Malaclypse

            “fail” to ticket. I blame pedestrians for the error.

          • DocAmazing

            You should have been required to buy the cop & the driver a beer afterward.

  • joejoejoe

    Tucker Carlson is 3rd rate OJ Simpson commentator who was blown off the air by ONE Jon Stewart appearance. I’m not sure why he still has a job other than the financing of his daddy’s friends.

    About people who walk, my wildass guess is pedestrian deaths are flat (after a steady decline) in the aggregate because the # of pedestrians is increasing in this shit economy. Also, the US grows at about .9% so a .4% pedestrian death increase is actually a decrease given the same amount of vehicles and miles driven. But the truth would have to mean something to Mr. Bowtie Bullshit for any of this to matter and it does not.

  • Sage

    Well, never heard of Daily Tucker, but the Washington Examiner is merely a propaganda rag, owned by a right-wing billionaire and distributed free to suburban lawns in the greater DC area; no one with half a brain takes it seriously.

    Such publications merely preach to the converted. Such illogical idiocy would not persuade anyone who is not already a true believing Teatard/Obama hater. The sheep must be fed.

    • NonyNony

      Well, never heard of Daily Tucker …

      You will never know just how much I envy you at the moment.

      • Sage

        Ha ha! I know Tucker Carlson is that boyish-looking bow-tied right-winger who used to be on CNN Crossfire. But I don’t bother to read the right-wing media direct, their nauseating ideas and statements are already given far too much attention in the “liberal mainstream” media. Why go directly to the cesspit if the wind constantly brings the stench to your windows and you hate the smell?

    • MobiusKlein

      The examiner CHAIN also distributes free crap to San Francisco residents.
      Same shit, different front page.

  • Malaclypse

    But you really don’t need Dr. Lott’s studies to understand that in all of the places where the gun laws are highly restrictive, gun violence is prevelant. Chicago, D.C., New York City.

    Sadly, as they say, no. See New York? Way down there at 128 New York?

    • DrDick

      There is also the fact that those cities are surrounded by or with easy access to places with lax gun laws. Most of the guns used in crimes in New York have been traced back to dealers in the Carolinas.

  • c u n d gulag

    Of course, the fault is always with an Obama.
    Hey, lunkheads, did you ever think the uptick was because of the unemployment situation? You know, people who normally would have driven a car (and maybe gotten killed THAT way), are instead either unable to afford gas, or trying to save money? And that many roads now have many pedestrians where there were few before?
    I never, ever, saw anyone walking along my road carrying shopping bags from the supermarket on corner of the main road before. Or else, it was very, very, very rare.
    Now, I see them all the time. I even give them rides back home when I’m driving because I know they ain’t doin’ this ’cause of their health – and if there is that person out there, I haven’t met them yet.

    Or, possibly the number of people has inceased who are walking around completely oblivious talking, texting, or God knows what else on their cell phones and I-Me-Mine-Pods?

    And a WHOPPING 7 DEATHS! OMG! It’s an epidemic!!!

    Everytime you think they’ve reached the Everest of stupidity, you find that it wasn’t an Everest, it was only a speed bump.

    Dumbass MFer’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • As much discredit as has accrued to Lott and his “research” it’s hard to believe someone is seriously citing him as an authoritative source. Mr. or Ms. Wrongful Death, have you been living off-planet?

    • DrDick

      In an alternative universe actually.

      • BigHank53

        He’ll return once the Tea Party has taken the country back…to about 1870 or so.

  • R.Johnston

    Lott:research about guns::Wakefield:research about vaccines

    Lott isn’t just sloppy; he’s a known fraud. To cite him is to claim the mantle of being as dumb and dangerous as Jenny McCarthy.

  • “One factor may be the increased distractions for both pedestrians and drivers. Anyone who travels in a busy city has seen countless pedestrians engrossed in conversation or listening to music while crossing a busy street. Just as drivers need to focus on driving safely, pedestrians need to focus on walking safely – without distractions.”

    The iPhone will kill us all!

    • Malaclypse

      Anyone who travels in a busy city has seen countless pedestrians engrossed in conversation or listening to music while crossing a busy street

      Because the kinetic energy of a careless pedestrian is exactly the same as the kinetic energy of an SUV.

      I love that he is literally arguing against walking and speaking at the same time. I do hope bubble gum is at no point involved.

      • Davis X. Machina

        The House Science and Technology Committee is having hearings soon on legislation that would no longer have F=MA.

        There are immense energy savings to be had by tweaking this formula…

        • Malaclypse

          Were the laws of physics written by Americans? Why should we ever be subject foreign laws like that? Has Sarah Palin hear about these laws?

        • The Bobs

          I propose we change to E=mc^3. That should solve all of our energy problems

          • Captain Splendid

            Yeah, but the problem with the new formula is that everything from pats of butter on up become WMDs.

            • catclub

              The real problem is that the dimensions no longer match.

              [kg][m^2]/[s^2] vs [kg] [m^3]/[s^3]

              • firefall

                What sort of bizarre foreigner cares about screwing up the metric system? It’s unamerican anyway

              • Bill Murray

                that’s why it should be E=m(c^3)/d where d is dick size. That’ll make things even better for tea bagger energy production

              • hv

                That still doesn’t make the units match.

                Heh, unit.

        • elm

          Didn’t the Indiana State legislature, sometime in the 19th century, actually vote on a bill to change the value of pi to a round number?

          • Davis X. Machina

            I think it’s an urban legend, but I still think, whenever I drive over a bridge “Did some guy from Purdue design this?”

          • No, that was Bloody Stupid Johnson’s New Pi.

          • asdfsdf
            • It was proposed legislation, according to that link, that never got past a first reading. As a Hoosier and a Purdue grad, I feel the need to point out that we reasonable Hoosiers are on the frontlines in the war against Stupid, and evidently have been for a very long time.

              • Anderson

                If Indiana is the front line against stupid, then I guess that makes Mississippi occupied territory, and me part of the Resistance.

    • Murc

      One SHOULD pay some attention to their surroundings when crossing the street, just as one should pat attention to their surroundings and minimize distractions while driving.


      Pedestrians should do it because they could get hurt. DRIVERS should do it because they could hurt someone.

      Notice the difference? If I don’t pay close attention while rocking across the street with my headphones on, I could get hit… by the idiot who is violating traffic laws, leaving me a mangled smear on the pavement. I suppose it is possible that I could hit someone myself… walking at a mile an hour, at which point I’ll say ‘Pardon me,’ apologize for bumping into them, and we’ll both forget about it a couple minutes later.

      People have a responsibility to pay attention and keep themselves safe when in a dangerous environment, but in this specific case its because there are people piloting two-ton people-slayers who aren’t qualified to do so, and of the ones who are qualified some measurable percentage will fuck up.

    • SP

      Or at least generate some funny videos.

      • That video is pretty funny, though it can be much worse.

  • Halloween Jack

    The standard argument WRT the health benefits of cycling is that the net decrease in deaths from heart disease and obesity-related illnesses more than outweighs the death and injury rate from accidents. I don’t see any such analysis here.

    • catclub

      This, Whenever someone tells you bicycling is dangerous, remember thatin the US you can go about 3 million miles on a bike before you would expect to die in a bike accident.

      That works out to ONLY 117 miles per day … for 70 years.

      If you don’t do you bike riding drunk, at night and going home a from a bar – your odds may be better. (One way for convicted drunk drivers who have lost their license to travel is to ride a bike. Some just keep driving.)

      • DrDick

        May I add biking in the snow and ice as many folks here in western Montana are wont to do.

      • “If you don’t do you bike riding drunk, at night and going home a from a bar ”

        Sounds about how I bike on the weekends.

      • Bill Murray

        Riding a bike while drunk may be illegal in several states, but still less penalized than an auto-baased DUI

        • Anonymous

          Significantly, there is no driver license suspension.

  • Davis

    I just want to say that Tucker Carlson has another abject failure on his hands, and that makes me smile.

    • The “sharp increase” update is also a cheery thing.

      • howard

        assuming – since i refuse to click through – that we are talking about an increase over a 1-year period, it’s worth noting that the population probably increased .8% in that time, which suggests, in fact, that per capita rates fell….

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  • chomko

    Does this mean the First Lady also gets credit for the (actually sharp) declines in overall traffic fatalities the past couple years?


  • Western Dave

    I’ve been a pedestrian hit by a car twice (both times uninjured thankfully) and damn near hit a third time that would have hurt quite a lot. The first two times the drivers apologized profusely. (They were making rights on red and didn’t see me as they took their foot of the brake before pulling their head around. I yelled really loud and they slammed on the brake). The third guy (who ran a top sign at about 50 – in a school zone -) not so much. I’ve also come damn close to killing a pedestrian who seemed unaware that he was crossing against the light on a street where I was doing about 25 miles an hour. More than enough to do him serious damage in my minivan. Fortunately, I could change lanes and avoid him even as I leaned on my horn. (Braking wasn’t an option, I would have caused a huge pile-up) He gave me the finger. Stupid is as stupid does. If you are so engrossed in the damn phone conversation, stop moving.

    • DrDick

      In graduate school I had a friend who ran into a moving car on the street while walking drunk. Put a sizable dent in the car door (he was a big guy).

  • Michael H Schneider

    We must also draw attention to the economic effects of the Job Killing Anti-Obesity Jihad.

    People who go to gyms contribute to the economy. They halp support the people who work at those gyms, from the cleaning staff to the landlords to the people in the billing department who won’t allow a member to cancel. They support the people who sell the machines, and build the machines, and deliver the machines.

    Pedestrians are freeloaders. They’re consuming taxpayer supported resource, the sidewalk, and they pay nothing for the privilege. Worse, since they don’t buy memberships, they aren’t supporting all those other jobs.

    Worse yet, the exercise may allow them to collect Social Security for more years, further aggravating our budget problems.

    For all these reasons we must support people who buy gym memberships by making the membership fee tax deductible, and put up toll booths along pedestrian ways.

    • Walt

      After this, I think I’m now going to find the phrase “Job Killing” intrinsically funny.

  • thebewilderness

    The words of the First Lady CAN KILL!
    Not guns, they don’t kill people!
    Not cars, they don’t either.
    Not even violent rhetoric from right win nuts can kill people!
    Do not mess with the First Lady!
    Her words can KILL!!!

    • Anderson

      Well hell then, let’s teach her Pashtun and send her overseas, with a really big loudspeaker.

  • WrongfulDeath


    This is a place where Dr. Lott’s research is poo-pooed, but the global warming frauds that were exposed lately and their research with which they have no data for verification is heralded as “truth”.

    So, if you don’t like the only studies on guns violence that demonstrates that guns are a deterrent to crime, please show us a real study, any study that demonstrates a positive correlation between guns available to the public and gun crime in any given area.

    Put up or shut up

    • Anticorium

      You’d think it would be work to fashion a reality where John Lott is a master statistician with unimpeachable credentials, but all the world’s climate scientists are just pulling numbers out of their ass to fit alarming-looking pie charts.

      • Malaclypse

        Alice laughed. “There’s no use trying,” she said: “one CAN’T believe impossible things.”

        “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

        – Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

    • rbcoover

      Here you go.

      What the hell does this have to do with the Daily Caller article?

    • DrDick

      World class, epic critical thinking and scientific literacy FAIL! Unlike Lott, whose research was repudiated and who has been found to have committed scholarly fraud by peer review, the climate change scientists have been upheld by the same processes and it is only ignorant and self-interested hacks who claim that their research is false.

    • hv

      There is not a lot of upside in arguing science with people who are climate deniers based on their judgment of the science involved.

    • I think it’s pretty clear the poo-poo was Lott’s from the start.

  • WrongfulDeath

    By the way, I’ve never heard of a gun pulling its own trigger.

    • rbcoover

      I’ve never heard of a nuclear missile launching itself on a city either. Guess we should stop trying to control them.

    • DrDick

      Nor have I ever heard of an unarmed man shooting someone. I have in fact heard of guns going off by themselves.

    • c u n d gulag

      Are you sure you’re not AmericaneoCLOWN with a new i.p. nome de “FUME?”

    • hv

      By the way, I’ve never heard of a gun pulling its own trigger.

      Funny, happens all the time. You must have your head in the sand. Here’s one from just a few days ago.

      Now that you have heard of it, your position on gun control must surely evolve. Idiotic troll.

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