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Don’t Cry No Tears Around Me


John Boehner was blubbering on 60 Minutes last night about something or the other, which a nice illustration of how it’s OK for macho Republican men to secrete strategic tears as fast as the Arabian trees their medicinal gum.

Such displays are by nature far more problematic for Democrats, who are typed as “soft” due to their (largely hypothetical) reluctance to kill foreigners with enthusiasm, or worship at the shrine of television characters who are tough enough to save American lives by torturing people etc.

Needless to say all these rules are even more abstruse for women politicians and pundits, who are under continual suspicion of being either hysterical little girls or ruthless ball-breaking bitches. It’s complicated!

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  • mark f

    Republicans who go off the official script aren’t allowed to cry either.

  • ThresherK

    I believe the property assigned by the mainstream press to Republicans, in which they simply are Manly (even the women–but only in the good way), Strong on Defense (after up to 12 deferments), Fiscally Responsible, and represent Family Values, despite all policy, outcomes, personal actions and votes to the contrary, is a genetic trait known as Republican Birthrighteousness.

  • Alan Tomlinson

    On the other hand, Republicans who are still true to the party line have to tolerate being rightfully accused of being either incredibly stupid, bigoted or disingenuous.


    Alan Tomlinson

  • joejoejoe

    Fun fact: The orange drink at McDonald’s is made from John Boehner’s tears.

  • Bart

    Wasn’t it Broder who “saw” Muskie crying way back when in the freezing cold?

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