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Your Moment of Bobo

[ 6 ] October 29, 2010 |

Shorter David Brooks: The shrewd political course for Obama is to agree with David Brooks — and, hence, the American public, who I will attribute all my beliefs to — about everything.


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  1. Joey Maloney says:

    to whom I will attribute my beliefs…

    But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Brooks doesn’t know shit about grammar, either.

    WordPress is eating my comments.

    • Aaron says:

      This is hypercorrection. 1) movement of “to” is always unnecessary and 2) “whom” is unnecessary when “to” is at the end of the sentence. Both “who… to” and “whom… to” are acceptable.

  2. Oscar Leroy says:

    The Goldberg Principle: since intelligent thought is the basis for criticism, one does not have to read a work to criticize it if the purpose of that work is to make the reader less intelligent.

    David Brooks sucks, and is an idiot if he thinks Obama is anything but a lily-livered centrist already.

  3. DrDick says:

    Yet another Bobo counterfactual. The reality that none of our elite media will acknowledge is that the vast majority of Americans favor progressive policies (when the policies are presented to them without labeling) and have done so for at least 30 years. Even when they oppose specific laws or policies, as with Health care reform, it is as much or more a result of ignorance and misinformation as it is honest opposition to the policy. In the latter case, at least half of the opposition comes from people who feel it does not go far enough.

  4. Aaron Baker says:

    I think the best comment on Brooks today is this, from Kevin Drum:

  5. cpinva says:

    i was always under the impression that people in a “persistently vegetative state” were incapable of writing columns. apparently, that’s not the case.

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