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Where even Richard Nixon has got soul


This little vignette is interesting for a number of reasons. First, it’s almost certainly false (among the many quite incredible details my favorite is the writer’s claim that he had never told the story to anyone before). Second, it’s a glimpse into the rich fantasy life of a denizen of Nixonland. Third, it raises the question of why CBS Sports allows one of its writers to publish an obviously false story, and moreover a story that the putative author requested not be published. I say putative because I suspect Dodd actually composed this preposterous vignette himself and then passed it off as an anonymous email — a method which is rapidly replacing the anonymous talkative cab driver as the favorite device of journalists who find the depths of hangover intersecting with the demands of a deadline.

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  • Malaclypse

    Dear Dodds and Ends Forum,

    I never thought I’d be writing to you…

  • Paul, I have a story about LBJ back when we were just about touching neighbors that I’ve never shared with anyone. It’s a bit gory and full of human interest. Would you be interested. If necessary I can add a para or two about law.

  • strannix

    I was the guy who changed the water cooler tanks at Michael Jackson’s house. We were close. He left Bubbles to me in his will. Oh, and Bill Clinton was there too.

  • Stag Party Palin

    And fourth, it’s a Shaggy Republican joke – long, boring and pointless.

    But if you’re interested, I was Mitt Romney’s pool boy for three years. “Where’s my fucking chlorine, boy?” he’d laugh. “In the fucking truck,” I’d chuckle. Good times.

    • Malaclypse

      But if you’re interested, I was Mitt Romney’s pool boy for three years.

      I never knew you were an undocumented immigrant, Stag.

  • mycroft

    I think somebody successfully pulled Dodd’s leg.

  • So good.

  • Comments are excellent as Dodd is called out not for inaccuracy but for publishing something someone wanted kept private.

  • JP Stormcrow

    I offer a (most likely apocryphal) Woody Hayes story which the teller (who was a scholarship athlete at Ohio State at the right time, but not a football player) has told to many people so I violate no confidences.

    Before the first coaches’ meeting one season, Hayes sent his assistants a copy of Mao’s “Little Red Book” and instructed them to study it. The entire meeting then consisted of Hayes giving a quiz on the book, grading them and announcing the results. He then says something like, “That concludes today’s meeting; the subject was discipline.”

    Probably fails as being “too pat”, but then it coulda maybe happened. I also wonder if it has been told about other hard-ass coaches of the era.

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  • Caravelle

    The stupidest thing is, the story has no interesting point that I can discern. Certainly not a point about any of the famous people involved; the “I knew all these famous people and they liked me and they did stuff for me” point is quite clear. But the author is anonymous so it doesn’t even bring them anything.

  • hv

    I didn’t understand the title of this item. “Got Soul” makes me expect hip-hop dancing. Or at least some sax-playing.

    Where even Richard Nixon has got a soul

  • Halloween Jack

    This one time, Captain Kirk beamed me on board a Klingon Bird of Prey to go to Gene Roddenberry’s funeral. Then Spock and I went to a strip club, because he had the Pon Farr, and we ended up dueling onstage to a draw. It was awesome.

  • Shell Goddamnit

    This story sounds familiar. I think this might not be its first publishing.

    On the other hand, maybe it’s just the Woody Hayes-Bo Schembechler thing – I was from MI in a previous life.

    There was this one time when Bob Seger, Iggy Pop and John Sinclair…

  • Gorgias

    Another tell on the falsehood. The line about “Get him something stronger…” in the same context (soldier boy comes home)shows up in numerous movies including Blue Hawaii, Elvis’ best movie.

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