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Nope, Parody Is Still Dead

In General
On August 26, 2010
Shorter David Broder:   Now that the primary is over, John McCain is finally free to be the principled maverick he’s always been.   Now, where is that damned Easter Bunny with my afternoon hot chocolate? Verbatim David Broder, I swear: “One obvious area where he will be needed is his favorite field, national security. Iraq, where […]
As a blogger looking for soft targets, it’s reassuring in a way that one always has Mickey Kaus’s reflexive union-bashing: How to predict if  “New”GM–as bailed out and restructured–really is a “sustainable” company?** Here’s one way: The company is launching the new Chevrolet Cruze into the highly competitive compact car market. It will be built […]
I note that yesterday and today constitute the 196th anniversary of the burning of Washington, D.C. by the hated British.  Since that time, not a single Anglican church has been erected upon the hallowed ground of our incinerated national capitol.   Never forget!  Moderate Britons would be well advised to restrain their radical brethren from any […]
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