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I’m on the Wrong Damn Side…


Rozen, via Glenn Greenwald:

Our colleague Ken Vogel reported yesterday that Sarah Palin’s SarahPAC has paid Kristol’s Weekly Standard colleague Michael Goldfarb and former McCain campaign foreign policy advisor Randy Scheunemann of Orion Strategies $90,000 since July 2009 to advise her on foreign policy.

Okay, fine; that’s it. Sarah, let me make you this offer right now: I will work for 2/3rds of whatever you’re paying Mike Goldfarb, and I swear to Jeebus that my product will be twice as good. I can work in the neocon genre:

Peace through strength! Bomb Iran! Palestinians suck! Yay Reagan! A nuke in every home!

See? I’ve already exceeded the Goldfarb standard. Plus, you get to portray yourself as all bipartisan-y and stuff. How can you lose?

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  • wengler

    You already got it all wrong. Palestinians suck? More like all Muslims. They don’t suck because that would be all anti-religious, but you know they can’t be trusted. They are all potential suicide bombers. Also Ahmedinejad is the new Hitler and wants to commit a new Holocaust!

  • DrDick

    Evil always has and always will pay better.

  • Not Prince Hamlet

    You mis-typed “Onion Strategies”.

  • Jamie

    Wait, is there ever a “no backsies” meta-clause to the Straussian approach?

    ‘Cause it would be really funny to watch Kristol shout “fooled you!”, and declare Marx correct again, for real this time. Think there’s less pay in that market, but he could do it on his death bed, and boy, wouldn’t that be amusing history.

  • Needz mor ‘tard.

  • “Her late June speech outlining a hawkish approach to international engagement was well received by conservative foreign policy types and taken seriously by the broader community ”

    This is what I can’t understand. Even conservatives who deal with national security/foreign policy must cringe when she talks. They can’t possibly endorse her positions without losing significant credibility (such that it is).

    • Rob

      They believe she’s another W, a person without any clue who can then be molded to do whatever they want.

  • rea

    my product will be twice as good.

    See, this is where you make your mistake. You assume that “good product” is a desirable thing for these people.

  • rea’s right. You’re missing the point. It’s wingnut welfare. You can’t just baste the bird, you have to be invited to the party, you have to know the other guests. It’s best if you have at least one parent who is Big in The Movement. You can’t just walk in as an outsider with your capability and talent. Who cares about that shit? That doesn’t make you One Of Us. Even hired guns have to be One Of Us. You ain’t.

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