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Person of Actual Accomplishment and Power vs. Conservative Media Personality


Even granting that the latter was also a half-governor and worst full-campaign VP candidate in history, I think this is a good question. Of course, if Time is measuring influence among the media, it’s probably accurate. In conclusion, I can’t really answer the question until I see the latest unreliable third-hand gossip about who the former’s husband might be sleeping with.

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  • DrDick

    I think the lack of actual substance and achievement is the attraction. Makes them feel good about themselves without actually challenging the status quo. Clinton, on the other hand, is kind of scary to them.

    • DocAmazing

      Clinton’s kind of scary to me. Remember, she’s classic DLC all the way down. She is indeed a formidable stateswoman and an accomplished politician, but she’s hardly spent all of her time on the side of the angels.

  • cpinva

    let’s not forget that it was/is the (purportedly) liberal media that’s been pretty much responsible, from day one, for the vast majority of the wars against both clintons, and al gore. the right-wingnut media and the republicans merely picked up the cudgel, carelessly dropped by the ny times & wp, and continued swinging it.

    maureend dowd’s and frank rich’s mothers must be so proud of them. their fathers disowned them.

  • Halloween Jack

    Well, you know, Time is sort of fucked in its collective head. I mean, they put in the guys who do Penny Arcade, which I love, OK, but FFS it’s a webcomic with a nice little charity and some apparently successful gaming conventions associated with it. In other news, newsweekly continues to make desperate gambits at seeming “hip” and “with-it”, no film at eleven.

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