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Marty Peretz weighs in on the awesomeness of Elena Kagan


And boy does he have good argument!

I’m a bit bemused that my favorite trivial pursuit is illustrated by a cover story in Peretz’s own magazine.

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  • Mirounga

    I’m fairly sure Peretz’s piece was ghostwritten by Jack Daniels.

  • Scott Lemieux

    In fairness, he does make a hell of a case for that well-known legal scholar Cass Canfield…

    • DocAmazing

      Maybe he meant Cass Eliot.

      • Incontinentia Buttocks

        My understanding is that nobody’s get fat except for her.

        • Incontinentia Buttocks


          (memo to self: do not comment before finishing first cup of coffee)

          • BTW, did anybody get a screenshot of the original? He finally corrected the Sunstein thing…

  • DocAmazing

    Are you Nobody too?

  • Unless I’m missing something, Peretz has plopped himself into the uncanny valley between too stupid to be real but not funny enough to be satire.

    • Robert Farley

      That comment is made of win.

      • I was also going to note the very weird flatness to the jumbled mix of bizarre, hyperbole and ad hominem that somehow reads as bad blog satire, because it seems too crazy to be real.

      • I am genuinely bothered by that column, actually. It can’t sensibly exist in the world I thought I occupied. I want to do a study on Peretz’ brain to figure out what exactly made that column possible (though Anderson’s point makes the motivation sensible, I just can’t understand how a better argument wouldn’t be obviously necessary, even for him). The mysteries of this world are indeed sublime…

    • Ubu Imperator

      Yes. It’s almost Goldbergian in its combination of total confidence and utter fucking cluelessness.

  • Just be happy he didn’t sic his little attack puppy, Kirchick, on you.

    • Whatever happened to that prick?

      • Robert Farley

        He was let go by TNR. I think he’s just free-lancing now.

  • Warren Terra

    So who did write the cover story you link? The page just says “author info needed”.

    • Paul Campos

      I did.

      • mark f

        Shorter Marty Peretz:

        Only a garbage publication would hire a nobody like Spence Ackerman Paul Campos

  • Stag Party Palin

    You can tell how much TNR appreciated Paul’s article by the care they took in formatting it.

    Or, second try: I had no idea that “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit” (etc.) was about obesity.

    Some people thrive under pressure, and deadlines inspire them to do their best work. Morty Putz is not one of these people.

  • He must have been drunk. I swear to god the text was swaying slightly as read it, as if it were struggling to remain above its feet.

  • larryb33

    Wow. He really raised the bar for “nobody”. Not sure what this makes me now. Plankton? Lint?

  • Anderson

    Well, at least I can infer reliably that Kagan is Jewish, which I’d kinda assumed but hadn’t cared enough to look up.

    I believe the only Gentile that Peretz bloviates positively about is/was Al Gore.

    • Anderson

      Btw, “elena kagan lesbian” gets about half again as many hits as “elena kagan jewish.” Which demonstrates progress on one front, perhaps.

  • Incontinentia Buttocks

    Potential Supreme Court justices shouldn’t, in general, be judged on the basis of who supports them. But since that really is the primary basis of the argument for Kagan’s nomination, this can’t help. With friends like Marty Peretz….

    • DocAmazing

      …she just might end up on the high court.

  • Alan in SF

    You have some nerve, Paul, researching something and writing about it for a magazine, when you’re just someone who researches things and writes about them for magazines.

  • Robert Halford

    Is there anything less surprising than that Peretz would support a Harvard faculty member who published nothing of value and got by on connections? Because, er, um, er . . . .

    • IM

      That I think, is a bit unfair to Kagan.

  • elm

    I like that he defends Cass Sunstein as being some super-important guy because Sunstein’s been published in the pages of TNR. Uh, so has Paul.

    Also, since Marty is the editor-in-chief, isn’t the answer to the question in the title of his post that he did?

    It’s a legitimate question whether or not number of scholarly articles written is a good indicator for whether someone should serve on the bench. And since Marty is not (and I don’t think has every claimed to be) a liberal, he’s right to oppose the more liberal (we think) justices that Paul mentioned. So Marty certainly had a defensible and reasonable column he could have written. Shame he didn’t.

  • rickhavoc

    You have truly arrived. Good on ya.

  • Simple Mind

    NYT: Obama to Nominate Elena Kagan for Supreme Court, Democrats Say

  • Joe

    I also love how he thought it was demeaning that you teach at the University of Colorado. Awhile back, Matt Yglesias teased Tim Pawlenty for thinking liberals held it against him that he went to the University of Minnesota. Now we know that there’s at least one arrogant prick who actually does look down on state school graduates and professors- Marty Peretz. Unfortunately for Pawlenty’s narrative, Peretz is a prominent neoconservative.

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