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How European States Deal with Fiscal Shortfalls…

[ 7 ] May 30, 2010 |

Among other things, they cut defense spending. In the United States, it’s impossible to cut defense spending, because the world’s reserves of whiskey/sexy/democracy/freedom depend utterly on the ability of the United States to egregiously outspend any rival or potential coalition of rivals by a factor of five or so. In the US, as we know, the idea that the growth of defense spending should be cut is radical hippie peacenik nonsense. And incidentally, we also need a few engines that we’ll never use…


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  1. DrDick says:

    I will never take any deficit hawks seriously until they are willing to discuss slashing defense spending by at least half. It is the most bloated, inefficient, corrupt, and pork laden bureaucray in the entire government. There is absolutely no sane rationale for spending almost as much as the rest of the world combined.

  2. Jager says:

    All that money and we went to war without adequate body armor? A friend of mine is a Army lifer and he said the reason we saw so few Bradley’s after the initial thrust into Iraq was there were no spare tracks! Body armor and tracks for Bradleys are just so unsexy not like ships and planes and other shit!

  3. PTS says:

    I have a great place to cut.

    A recent CBO report that says that the cost of replacing our Ohios is going to come to $8.2bn per:

    Why not just buy 12 new Ohios for about $4bn and spend the rest on….just about anything really…

    Honestly, I cannot see any real justification for building a whole new, massively expensive class of SSBNs when our current subs outclass anything in the sea. Can someone help me out here?

  4. David M. Nieporent says:

    The U.S. should cut defense spending, but I hardly think a comparison to Europe makes much sense. The U.S. defense spending is expected to produce things that can actually be used, whereas European defense spending is some combination of pork and jobs program, so cutting it has no broader significance beyond that of cutting any other government spending.

  5. Naadir Jeewa says:

    Surely a lot of US defense spending also consists of jobs programmes?

  6. […] with European countries embracing austerity measures, what’s on the chopping block? Their defense budgets, of course. Prominent conservative voices like to say that we should do what Greece and others in […]

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