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God doesn’t save idiots, Eli


Via Linkmeister, it appears that the Republican senator from my state is worried that small oil producers who can’t shoulder the risk will be deterred from imperiling offshore marine environment.

Always looking out for the little guy. How thoughtful of her.

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  • I wonder what the startup capital requirements are for oil exploration and drilling companies. I realize that “small” business can be elastically defined, but still. . .

  • rea

    A risk-taking entrepreneur like Ole’ Jed is all very well–he had the vision to take care for his company’s (and the country’s) long term well-being, beyond quarterly profit statements. But before you know it, the company is corporatized and in the hands of the finance people, like that obnoxious Mr. Drysdale, and drilling out in the Gulf without taking proper safety precautions.

  • DrDick

    Well, at least she has the decency to stay bought, even when things are getting a bit rough.

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