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All the Names

[ 9 ] May 30, 2010 |

Proposition: If a mad scientist undertook to create “Joey Votto” in a lab, the result could not look more like “Joey Votto” than the actual Joey Votto.


  • My favorite baseball name just for the poetry of it- Drungo Hazewood. Up with the Orioles for the proverbial cup of coffee in 1980.

  • My favorite was Sixto Lezcano who was in no way related to Three-Finger Brown.

    • BillCinSD

      or Antonio Alfonseca

  • BillCinSD

    Malachi Kittridge is one of my favorites

  • cpinva

    had i a clue who joey votto is/was, i’d probably agree with you.

    can i have my very valuable free gift now, for taking the tour of the time-share condos?

  • Thlayli

    Bombo Rivera, y0.

  • BillCinSD

    Coco Laboy

  • Benjamin

    Candy LaChance.

  • McKingford

    The best, and most apt, baseball name of all time is Champ Summers.