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The Party of Less Thinkin’ and More Whinin’


You can’t get a much better example of whining being central to one’s political identity than John Nolte’s alleged decade-long boycott of TV because of the possibility that someone might make a mild joke about an unpopular politician on his party’s side. I suppose this is also a subset of the “epistemic closure” phenomenon…

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  • Note also how terrible Dick Cheney jokes are. The man is adored everywhere!

    • commie atheist

      One the one hand, she dislikes jokes about Cheney, because he’s “now out of political life” (except, of course, for his weekly stints on Fox and various Fox Lites, slamming Obama for hating America). On the other hand, she wonders why these Hollyweird Lieberals don’t make movies where the villains are “domestic terrorists” like Bill Ayers, who was trying to blow up the entire world, like, 40 years ago.

      Statute of Limitations? More like the Sliding Scale of Limitations.

  • MikeJ

    Anybody who thinks liberals could control all media outlets with a unified message has obviously never tried to order a pizza at a Democratic phone banking party.

  • DocAmazing

    Glee is on Fox, nicht wahr? Has anyone asked Nolte to look into who owns Fox, or if it has a news arm?

  • Anticorium

    There’s no Representative Les Thinken!

  • commie atheist

    Don’t watch the show, but apparently the character who made the Palin joke is supposed to be evil, or at least someone the audience is supposed to be rooting against…so one could say that the intent of the writers was to elevate Palin, by putting the slam in the mouth of an unsympathetic character. Or is that just too much nuance for your average conservative?

  • DocAmazing

    too much nuance for your average conservative

    =any value >0

  • I believe “Nice try, Alinskyite!” will be the “Where’s the beef?” of 2010.

  • Is anyone else too lazy to find all the posts where Nolte jerks off to “24” or the movies he’s watched on TCM or AMC?

    I know I am.

    Oh, okay.


    Elapsed time, 15 seconds.

    Maybe he gets TCM through his tinfoil hat or a cable line installed directly into his asshole.

    • Jay B.

      So Mankiewicz thinks Lonesome Rhodes has some present-day dopplegangers, says it, and this is somehow debatable?

      I love how Notle cites what Mankiewicz says, automatically connects it with right-wing radio hosts (even though there was clearly implied rip on a host that can ‘cry-on-cue’, it didn’t use any other description than “angry”) and then complains that he didn’t call out Keith Olbermann too. Even though you could throw him in there too, because Mankiewicz didn’t NAME A NAME.

      Whining rightwing pedants.

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