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Your Republican Party, Ladies And Gentlemen!


It’s pretty impressive that John Boehner’s first substantive argument (that you won’t be able to keep your health insurance under this plan) is a flagrant, baldfaced lie.

I’m also interested in his claim that members of Congress are bound in all cases to vote consistently with public opinion surveys.  I await Boehner’s support for a robust public option…

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  • I also hear Boehner is pro-choice and opposed the war in Iraq by mid 2005…..

  • lost in GA

    My reaction as well. Lying is the new tourette syndrome in the Republican party! Or perhaps the old one.

  • SEK

    “Have I read this bill? HELL NO I HAVEN’T!”

    Me, I’m going to “abide by our constitutions” and just make shit up.

  • I’m also interested in his claim that members of Congress are bound in all cases to vote consistently with public opinion surveys.

    Democracy, RealAmerican Idol style.

  • caesaigh

    219-210. For better or worse, the Dems own it. For better or worse, the GOP will never be able to claim any of this glory should it work out even half-as-good as promised. 10 years from now, the GOP is gonna have the verities of a Dixiecrat on any social issue.

  • Zoon

    I don’t use health ins at all. I figure going to the doc once in a blue moon is cheaper than being forced to sign up for something that is hundreds of bucks a month.

    Now that I’ll be forced (as a small businessman) to plunk down money so that illegals can continue to do what they’re doing now (freebies at the ER, which libs said would go away, but in fact we’ll continue to plunk this down) I DO have to wonder when the business will pick up due all the money I’m about to spend.

    And if liberals think that “tax credits” to me will fill in the gap, I’ll have the address ready for them to send the check that certainly the government idiots will not.

    It will come to around 30,000 a year to fill in the gaps.

    (ya see, “uninsured is not quite the same as “not having a good reason NOT to be insured)

    It’s a hell of a time to be an illegal alien or a lass who needs to get an abortion to fit into her prom dress.

    Let’s see here. Lying, whoredom, lots of dress hikes and pants unzips, buyouts, purchases, plane rides, favors and cash under the table…offers to exempt entire states from Medicare payments.
    …and of course that shady stuff we’re not even aware of yet but will no doubt come out years from now.

    Hell, why bother with the law?? It’s an impediment to the will of the Man-Child in office, not a boost. Geesh.

    Longer wait times, fewer doctors, more bureaucracy, massive IRS expansion, explosive debt, the end of the Pax Americana, and global Armageddon.

    …so, ya know….there’s always a bright side to this kind of glop and handouts.

    I’ll let you know what it might be when I find it. (I’m talking other than “Now’s a great time to work for the feds“..)

    Lastly, not to pile on here, but that image of Pelosi taking a squat on the Founders’ graves is REALLY unbecoming. She needs to use the ladies room instead.

    I’d love nothing more than to take a grapefruit spoon to those egg eyes and pop them out.

    Guess all I can do at this point if something DOES take a turn for the worse in health is that we can somehow make the Magical Money Fairy that has now cut 500 Billion from Medicare from the old guys who fought in WWII and hand it over to illegals long enough to build enough prisons to hold those of us not willing to pay either the fine, or the homage to 10 month MRI waits.

    (or were you unaware of the legacy of the NHS?)

    Course, I realise that Obama promises 16,500 new physicians to fill in the RATION factor, etc….


    Wait, oops, my bad. Not so. I meant to say 16,500 IRS agents to harass people.

    So no, I will NOT get to “keep” my current plan–which is to avoid paying for crap I don’t use.


    “Socialism: nothing more than the theory that the slave is always more virtuous than his master” Henry Louis Mencken

    Be warned, kids.

    Politicians have been overthrown for less, and have had their throats slashed for not obeying the real will of the people.

    • I yearn for the days when concern-trolls reiterating winger talking points aimed for brevity and efficiency.

      • Scott Lemieux

        lass who needs to get an abortion to fit into her prom dress.

        Haven’t heard this one in a while! Oddly, according to GOP dogma that same made-up woman is such a helpless victim she should be subject to less legal sanction than if she spat on the sidewalk, even if her doctor belongs in jail…

        • jrd

          Thanks for stopping by, Zoon. Please let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    • fourmorewars

      Kids? Fuck you, you worthless rightwing child.

      Who’s a kid? I’ll tell you, a kid is the 33-year old Regent University grad you had at the second-highest spot in the Justice Dept. about ’06-’07. And why was she there? ‘Cause you’d driven the adults out with your childish partisanship.

      Who’s a kid? The not-a-shred-of-experience ‘reporter’ you used as a softball-thrower any time Bush or Scotty couldn’t handle a question from the adult reporters in the room.

      Who’s a kid? The twenty-somethings who answered ads at the Heritage Foundation, because that’s how the ‘adults’ in your friends’ high school play of an administration thought the most important positions in the OCCUPATION REGIME OF A FUCKING COUNTRY should be filled.

      Run along, boy. You and your friends will NEVER be qualified to be anywhere near power in this country, and God willing you never will be again.

    • rea

      I don’t use health ins at all. I figure going to the doc once in a blue moon is cheaper than being forced to sign up for something that is hundreds of bucks a month.

      In other words, you expect the rest of us to pony up to save your life when you have your invevitable uninsured medical emergency. Don’t ask you to pay anything in advance, though.

      • NBarnes

        Yeah, that was pretty much my response, too. He’s a responsible conservative who takes responsibility for himself and his health care…. except when he shows up in the ER with a heart attack. Then we’re all on the hook. But they are the party of personal responsibility.

        Also, don’t hold back on the racism, Zoon. Let us know what you really think about ‘illegals’.

  • kid bitzer

    zoon, you are an idiot, an american-hater, a misogynist, and a traitor.

    your stream of dribble has no facts in it, only paranoid fantasies that reveal what a damaged, ugly psyche you have. you are an emotional and spiritual deformity.

    it’s a good thing that america is so much better than low, crazy, tea-bagging scum like you.

    america has done a wonderful thing today. america-haters like you will just have to cry alone.

    teabagger. loser.

  • zoon

    How nice.

    So, we’ve moved from the complaints from some suspect quarters about having to be forced to pay for illegal aliens’ ER visits, to a new status of Changy Change where we will…well….pay for illegal aliens’ ER visits.

    I’m supposing some people call that “progress.”

    Hopey McChange gets good mileage on that one, eh?

    Course, there’s no doubt it is, in a way of speaking. At least in the sense that when you’ve handed 30 million people who shouldn’t be here a new form of government handout or glop, you can be sure who they’ll end up voting for when citizenship comes nice-n-easy in what can only be a few years these days no that the so-called “border” is as much a thing of the past as free choice on matters of health.

    Hope it’s worth the price. I mean, beyond the CBO’s fantasy numbers that depend on the IRS paying minimum wage and billions gone from Medicare. Frankly, as the blogger Political Math queried, it IS kinda hard to see how spending several trillion more (and know that most of the current budget deficit is from NON-descretionary items) and adding 100 new departments under NancyEggEyesCare will cut the deficit.

    I look forward to duplicating the Eurofetish standard (and even there, they’re only dealing with 60 million people at a time for each nation–not 330 million like we will be) where 18 month MRI waits are the norm even if you’re spitting up blood. Unless of course it’s an ER visit, which in turn undermines the claim that we’ll be saving money. Not to worry, the Magical Money Fairey (and this blog might know quite a bit about the latter) seems to have this all wrapped up.

    Good show.

    Kids indeed. The Manchild in office, who’s never had a private sector job or even role other than threatening, belittling, or cajoling, seems to believe in the magic of the numbers too. Bully for him. I though Magic was a disappearing art.

    I’m supposing also there is not to be a new addition of the several hundred thousand docs needed for this? Never mind.

    Ya answered that one by not answering.

    T.R. Reid toured the world coming back glowing about the wonders of socialized meds, and if that battleworn journalist could not think of a comeback for that one, or the 18 month MRI waits in most of these glorious nations of men-children still living with their mommies (like the owners of this blog, apparently) then no answer is to be found.

    To Mr. Reid’s credit (no, not the doddering moron in the Senate, the JOURNALIST..forget..you don’t know him) he did admit what usually takes a pair of pliers to pull from liberals. THAT this is about revenge–not health. It is about government, and only government. It is about exacting a piece of hide from people deemed better off. It is not about care for all or “competition”–it IS about single payer. Reid defends himself by pointing this out. He’s clever enough a man to figure out a good come back to the 18-month MRI wait if he found one. He’s toured the planet and scoured all the stats. The only thing he says now is basically “well, at least the “rich” have to go through the same wait times.”

    How nice. Brilliant to the bitter end. And a bitter end of the Republic it will be.

    There is no brevity to this kind of weapon that eventually creates a dependency class. Sorry, rules of the house. Too many angles of attack on the private lives of the average person.

    You little rectal pumpers and teenybops who think that a watered down form of Statism Lite is the answer need to understand that Marlboro Lights, by analogy, will kill you the same as the cigs in the red box.

    Force is anathema to the American spirit and nation. So at least give up that crap about America-hating on my part. I see now where that really lies.

    Now then, go squeeze zits in the mirror, as it seems you have training to do for government work.






    One last note before the peanut gallery here throws popcorns along with tantrums, and a word of advice from a real adult who’s in the private sector and not the creepy world of politics:

    Get a life. After that, get a job. Your local DSS office no doubt has many listings. Right about now would be great.

    Since we’ve come this far in duplicating Things Euro-retro, it DOES seem that the Bambi Administration is also duplicating Euro styled unemployment leveles, which typically DO hover around 10% on more than some interim basis.

    Perhaps the other guests here with such free time on their hands (judging from other notes around this blog) could help the Mighty Mo in the office stanch the economic bleeding.

  • Anonymous

    Now that Health Care Reform has passed, will my congressman, Speaker Boner, get treatment for whatever it is that is turning his skin orange, and will Sen. Hatch be able to get the stick up his ass removed?

    • Well, it does include a 10% tax on tanning salon services so not so much a treatment as an intervention.

      However, nothing short of several pounds of HEX could remove the stick from Orrin’s Hatch.

  • mds

    10 years from now, the GOP is gonna have the verities of a Dixiecrat on any social issue.

    What do you mean, “10 years from now”?

  • TT

    Why is it that the same people who denounce health care reform as the greatest tyranny in history are also the same people who demand that a (Republican) president have the insuperable, unquestioned right to arrest, torture, and either outright kill or jail indefinitely without warrant, counsel, or trial anybody – even American citizens – merely suspected of engaging in or abetting terrorism?

  • Zoon

    Well, gang. I had some responses to some of the above. But it got zapped. How nice. That’s fairly indicative of how the Lefty blogsphere often runs things these days, so bully for that, eh? Too bad.

    In any case, I’ll switch gears here, pace the blog editors, and see if something else sticks and get back on the topic of John Boehner’s ignoble shout out! Oh MY!

    But, ya see, the purpose of Nancy and her Nancy Boys is the bankruptcy the private insurers.

    Did all that bong resin and malted barley not allow you to see that. Or, more likely, you just don’t give a shit, all the while saying perhaps in some Orwellian side of the galaxy that forced compliance to what will soon (a few years, at most) be ONLY the “public option” get translated as “consumer choice”, that disses the good Senator?

    There is no way (other than EXTREME rationing, which will be illegal, though done later when the gov. steps in) to dole out care for the impending 30 million (currently) illegal aliens, NOT raise premiums through the roof, be forced to accept people riddled with rotted livers and doped out lungs still living with their parents, and at that ALSO be forced to take those punks and no-accounts also to age 26 (Oh, for the love of God!) so they can fulfill Nancy’s fantasy about artists no longer starving, AND prevent massive deferrals and rejections of the type Medicare currently does, without bankrupting the private insurers.

    In fact, while evil as hell, I’d never say that even that crazed, swirling beachball look in Pelosi’s eyes is indicative of dumbness. Bad LSD, perhaps. But not dumbness.

    Indeed, these jackals surely know that the CBO numbers are bunk, based on data from pols (it is ILLEGAL for the CBO to try and extrapolate other numbers and extended timetables beyond what the politicians tell them) and based on fantasy about malnourished starveling federal employees and “front end loading” of costs then deferred to deficits, etc. etc. It’s all nonsense. But the goal is not truth. Or even monetary solvency. The goal is POWER, and to that end the goal is to make sure that the ride is as rough and hellish on the private ins. companies as maximally possible.

    Then the argument will be made, after bankruptcy for about 90% of all private insurance (other than elite plans for Hollywood starlets and politicians–similar to how Britain’s NHS employees sometimes get to pay cash to outside services specifically set up for THEM, but not the average Brit) the Obamanauts will declare that “government must now take even more drastic measures. Imagine that.

    If Obama, our beloved little laurel-leafed Caesar of Rome’s Ignition, had meant something other than “single-payer” then the bozo should’ve said so from the getgo. Instead, some inconvenient things seemed to have leaked.


    If Single Payer is on the agenda, then you have no real “choice” in the matter. All will be sucked into the giant maw of government service and apportioned in said manner.

    The goal has always been, and has never detoured, from Single Payer. This remains the goal to this day.

    So the good pol above was correct. It’s what we call “difference with no real distinction.” If single payer is the destiny (and it is) that does not equal “choice” in the real universe.

    So NO, long-term, you do NOT get to “keep” your current plan, if said plan is one of the usual private ins. carriers, whether by design of your employer making financial cuts, or by YOU being driven to desperation and avoidance of higher premiums in the “transition” zone between “front end” loading of costs until such is supposed to kick in for “care” sometime in 2014.

    You morons.

    Also, this is all the more a reality now that “amnesty” (Obama’s fortunes–and that of Congressional Dems, will turn if not) will be on the table. Including ER visits for knife fights, sore throats for the bambinos, and all other manner of things we were previously told would come to an end under “health reform.”

    Pulling from the moniker of this very blog title, I’d had hoped at least we’d hear more of terms like “crowd out” and “tort reform” (speaking of the goddamned lawyers) and perhaps cross-state competition for the insurers. I guess that’s all too prosaic and tacky or perhaps hellishly problematic in the age of the Internet to point and click to sign up for things, or cap payouts due to scam artistry (see John Edwards) on baloney med claims, etc, to something lower than several million smackers. Hello? *tap* *tap*

    Last good word you’ll hear from me. Promise.

    Now, you funny monkeys go take on the day and make some smudged canvas art on the public dime and beg mommy to answer when the pop tarts are ready!

    Hell is adjourned.

    Thanks for your compash on the whole ER thing. Now we’ll see the argument from paying for others’ ER visits (like at Grady, where 1/3 of all the visits are from illegal aliens) where the proportion of those who go for routine issues because they be PO is about the same as for the general population who go for routine issues like sore throats even if they DO have ins. So not much will change there.

    (thanks!) Now we go from this sorry state (admittedly) to the state of affairs under Nancy Care where we will pay….well….where we’ll pay for others’ ER visits.

    Hopey McChange!

    • Hogan

      I had some responses to some of the above. But it got zapped.

      If you’re too damn dumb to post blog comments correctly, why should we listen to what you say about anything?

  • Zoon

    Why is it that the same people who denounce health care reform as the greatest tyranny in history are also the same people who demand that a (Republican) president have the insuperable, unquestioned right to arrest, torture, and either outright kill or jail indefinitely without warrant, counsel, or trial anybody – even American citizens – merely suspected of engaging in or abetting terrorism?

    I would agree these jackals need to be tried ASAP within reason, and their issues processed. True enough. As far as killing the Sons of Allah, that seems joyous on the battlefield from my point of view. If you mean in the cells, you might wanna cough up some real world evidence of that. As to the phony issue of torture being made rather uncomfortable (I’d rather be waterboarded than attend a conference with Nancy Egg Eyes in attendence, so perspective is always helpful) then you’ll being a little hyperbolic.

    Military tribunals, as upheld by the courts and by a DEMOCRAT (that name would be FDR) are more than capable of handling this issue that surely does not addressing WITHOUT the Team Bama approach of BILLION dollar trials and media-Vaudeville stomp and clomp routines and what the ACLU already admits will be a more of a showtrial than anything else. Also, if the verdict is preordained, as the Prez and Mr. Gibbs and that idiot AG all three say it is, then civilian trials are a further mockery. If it’s preordained, the it’s not fair.

    And who in the HELL are going to be KSM’s PEERS?

    God in heaven no one we know in NYC. Thankfully, there may yet be a change of venue and perhaps even a tribunal trial to make sure that unlike Zac Mousauoi, we don’t end up with something that took over FOUR YEARS to prosecute.

    As to this oddball comparison with single payer, government handout glop healthcare and turning the middle class into tax slaves to support these lavish programs?

    Well, whatever one’s opinions of getting slapped in cuffs over all as it regards foreign combatants and WARS and other emergency protocals, it seems that doing this stateside with the IRS as the kneecap breaker and enforcer is something of another order of tyranny. It fundamentally shifts the relation of citizen to government into serf and overlord. Sychophant and Master.

    These kinds of programs would be immoral for what they do to make the citizenry compliant and passive and dependent on VITAL life issues (well, you’ll still be able to have choice in DVD’s Blueray, and frozen pizzas).

    What is moral about stripping people of choice. Gale force winds used to accompany the opines of radical feminists on fetal meat. But not on other parts of the body?

    Get your Rosaries off my Ovaries, but NOT Get your Bureaucratics off my Lymphatics????

    Probably not something the Founders had intended. Should anyone care about that corney, old school, hokey stuff these days.

    • ajay

      As far as killing the Sons of Allah, that seems joyous on the battlefield from my point of view. If you mean in the cells, you might wanna cough up some real world evidence of that.

      No problem.

      “On the day of his death, Dilawar had been chained by the wrists to the top of his cell for much of the previous four days. A guard tried to force the young man to his knees. But his legs, which had been pummeled by guards for several days, could no longer bend. An interrogator told Mr. Dilawar that he could see a doctor after they finished with him. When he was finally sent back to his cell, though, the guards were instructed only to chain the prisoner back to the ceiling. “Leave him up,” one of the guards quoted Specialist Claus as saying. Several hours passed before an emergency room doctor finally saw Mr. Dilawar. By then he was dead, his body beginning to stiffen.”

      From a US army report on the death of a (completely innocent) US detainee at Bagram who was beaten to death by US soldiers.


  • Zoon


    Either the law should stand. Or not. It’s time for the politicians to declare it.

    You can cry racism, since people like you think that’s some kind of dirty mudball to toss around to casually, but the larger reality is that on top of unaffordability, we’ll now have MORE unaffordability.

    On top of this, it is not just about the unaffordable entitlements. This cynical ploy by Team Bama, no doubt only a few months away, is to garner more votes by declaring amnesty, when in reality the rules of entry to this nation should not be anchor babies and the resultant gearing down of wages, or the utter bankruptcy of California and Arizona school and medical systems, but rather something far more stringent.

    Since part of my family is of Mexican heritage, your battle cry of racism rings hollow with me, chief.

    This is about law and precedent, and while yes we’ve had waves of immigrants in the past, for several reasons we’ve not seen either the scale of the other conditions (like regionality) that has occured with this latest wave.

    It is NOT sustainable, like the eco-brats like to say. (but then, neither is the rest of NancyCare)

    It IS, however, very charming to some Democrats politically, and they’ll attempt to get the payout in a few years hence, in order to solidify a lock on power.

    Oh, yeah. And unlike the supposed “waves” of immigration in the past–those were legal, for the most part, and you had to have health checks at Ellis Island. If you failed, they put you back on the boat and said goodbye. The long term solution is for Mexico to have better development, not send 1/3 of her citizenry HERE.

    That is asinine.

    And you damned well know it.

    I have friends in Britain who’d LOVE to come here due the more amiacable attitude toward business (well, so far, and maybe more fool them) but the holdup to LEGAL immigration to them is absurd and ticky and overly bureacratic. Unfortunately, ya see, the Atlantic is somewhat wider than the Rio Grande in essence as well as form.

  • Zoon

    Wonderful. The Sons of Allah and the Handy Headnippers get legal representation and all manner of rights showered on them, as do illegal aliens, with all manner of sumptous benefits.

    Everyone, that is, other than regular American citizens.

    (actually, it should warm your aching hearts that GWB and that jackass over in South Kakalakka, Grahmnesty, actually believe in compromising on the amnesty issue (as it’s so-called). As does John McCain to this very day)

    So those complaining about the Dark Night of Chenian/Rovian/Bush II Terror have decided to fix their faux fears of tyranny from Things Bush by….by…making sure now that real tyranny in control over a major aspect of people’s lives and privacy now applies to actualy US citizens.


    I just love “progressives.”

    As to Hogan and his merry band of Heros.

    It was not a matter of correctly or incorrectly, you little meatslurp.

    It was a matter of censorship.

    True, it’s not my blog. And like the NancyBoys people can always just nip content they don’t care for.

    • Hogan

      Dear LGM,

      More efficient censorship, please.

      Hogan and his Heroes

      (Hogan’s Heroes! Nice one there, Zoon. I’ve only heard that one fifty or sixty times. This week.)

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