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Purity of Essence

[ 19 ] March 29, 2010 |

Dr. Strangelove

This weekend Glenn Reynolds noted that a “plausible” explanation for Barack Obama’s unwillingness to give the current Israeli government 100% of what it wants (Obama has drawn the line at 98.44%) is that our dusky Muslim overlord “just hates Israel and hates Jews.”

Some rather compelling evidence for this theory can be found here.

Why, after all, would Obama hold the first Seder in White House history? The answer is all too clear to those who, by maintaining a strict regimen of rainwater and pure grain alcohol, have managed to protect the integrity of their precious bodily fluids.

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  1. calipygian says:

    Possibly Glenn Reynolds just blows goats and hates sex with people. That’s plausible — certainly nothing in his actions suggests otherwise, really.

    Remind me never to hire a lawyer educated at UT since they obviously don’t teach argument or logic there.

  2. Kurzleg says:

    Do women sense Glenn’s power? Does he deny them his essence?

  3. Possibly Glenn Reynolds spends his spare time sticking up and then torching orphanages and battered women’s shelters. Certainly nothing in his actions suggests otherwise, really.

  4. rea says:

    Obama, that egomaniac, just wants to hear people say, “Baruch attah Adonai” . . .

  5. C.S. says:

    Is it just me, or in that still doesn’t Jack D. Ripper look like Hugh Laurie?

  6. Mike Schilling says:

    In the Obama version of the Passover story, the Egyptians catch them.

  7. JW says:

    An American Timeline: We have historically endorsed freedom of worship, and so tolerated Jewish Americans. Our toleration was exposed as naked bigotry with the fall of Nazi Germany. Americans admire an underdog, and we backed the birth of Israel. Israel fought for its life in ’67. The Israeli attack upon the USS Liberty was therefore regarded as a regrettable blunder. Arab states remained aligned with the Soviet Union…

    .. any further, and you can anticipate my simple-simon chronology.

    God knows I’m no scholar. But in my lifetime, Israel has forfeited a lions share of American good will. Mr. Netanyahu (sic) rests assured that the U.S congress is in his country’s back pocket– and that’s that. And he’s right, for the time being. But the Israeli people will be well advised to consider this: a sea change of perception has occurred over the past decade, and for obvious reasons.

  8. commie atheist says:

    Participants remember the evening as a rare moment of calm, an escape from the din of airplanes and rallies. As the tale of the Israelites unfolded, the campaign team half-jokingly identified with their plight — one day, they too would be free. At the close of the Seder, Mr. Obama added his own ending — “Next year in the White House!”

    Coming soon to a wingnut blog near you:

    That arrogant Obama – comparing the petty problems of his presidential campaign with the plight of the Israelites enslaved in Egypt!

  9. Bernard HP Gilroy says:

    If you’re going to go with “9X.44%” in a blog post about “purity”, I would argue that it should be X = 9, not 8 — that is, “99 and 44/100 percent pure”.

  10. Halloween Jack says:

    Has anyone definitively proven that Glenn doesn’t have sex with the corpse of his sister that he strangled after finding out that he impregnated her? It would be irresponsible not to speculate!

  11. Davis says:

    “Nothing in his actions indicates otherwise…”

    A law professor wrote that.

  12. Xenocrates says:

    I find it plausible that Glen Reynolds is a) batshit insane, b) a born liar or c) a provocateur. In any of those eventualities, I don’t really spend a whole lot of my day worrying about what the Pride of Tennessee has scribbled in his coloring book. It is to the continued shame of the University Law School that this man continues to hold a position of responsibility for teaching our young, impressionable children.

  13. mds says:

    Just to be clear, Reynolds is making these insinuations about the same President Obama whose wife’s cousin is a rabbi, right? The former Illinois state senator Obama who was fellow state senator Ira Silverstein’s shabbos goy? Good G-d, I would love to face off against Professor Reynolds in a court case someday … and I’m not even a lawyer.

    Then again … were any of the other attendees of the White House seder ever seen again? Because the bloodthirsty Kenyan usurper might have followed in the footsteps of his spiritual forebear, Idi Amin, and considered the Jews at the table to be poorly-hidden afikoman.

  14. WrongfulDeath says:

    …our dusky Muslim overlord “just hates Israel and hates Jews.

    I don’t think that’s really an interesting question. Of course Obama hates Jews. Rev Jerimiah Wright preached Jew-Hating to him for twenty years. All his liberal buddies also hate the Jews.

    Bottom line, it’s standard stuff.

  15. EJ says:

    Maybe he’s not a secret Muslim after all, but a secret self-hating Jew.

  16. wengler says:

    It’s just a little disagreement among friends. The armored bulldozers, Apache helicopters, and F16s are still proving that a harmonious relationship between the US and Israel is still possible.

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  18. Tell me how to take my eyes off the screen and stop reading since it is addictive.

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