Month: March 2010

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Back in early 2008, partially in preparation for my visit to Israel, I read Christopher Tyerman’s God’s War: A New History of the Crusades. I had not previously been familiar with anything more than the broad outlines of the Crusades, including the seizure of Jerusalem, the arrival of Saladin, and so forth. At 922 pages, […]
It always intrigues me to be told that by thinking differently from the herd (a hallmark of progressivism) I must actually be a faux progressive. Recently, for challenging my government’s use of racial classifications on the census form, I have been called a selfish, irresponsible, childish bigot by readers who are (presumably) generally in favor […]
I had assumed that everyone had been eliminated from the LGM Tourney Challenge, but apparently this was not the case. The two current leaders are M. Strausz’s Fort Worth Barnstormers, and K. Adams Know-Nothings. Strausz has Syracuse winning, which means he’s probably done for all practical purposes. Given that he has selected the correct champion, […]

Update on the Cheonan

In Robert Farley
On March 27, 2010
South Korea has reportedly ruled out a North Korean attack as the cause of the sinking of the Cheonan. Initial speculation that North Korea might have sunk the ship had spooked Wall Street on Friday. Share prices dipped partly on geopolitical concerns, and the won dropped against the dollar. “Given the investigations by government ministries […]
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