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Final Four Update

[ 2 ] March 29, 2010 |

The LGM Bracket Challenge has become a tale of unimaginable horror, but I think I’ve figured out how it ends:

  • M. Sandiford is in the lead, and wins with 1320 points if West Virginia wins the championship.
  • C. Betley wins with 1150 points if Duke wins the championship
  • If West Virginia beats Duke but loses the title game, Sandiford and bayp87 will tie with 1000 points.
  • If Duke beats West Virginia but loses the title game, M. Strausz wins with 940 points.

Also, I have just put together a Baseball Challenge league for LGM.  As always:

League Name: Lawyers, Guns and Money
Password: zevon


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  1. M. Strausz says:

    Duke beating WV and losing to MSU would be glorious. Go State!

  2. I’m not getting over the fact that I was in first place late on day 2 and now languish in 122nd with nothing but the assurance of further humiliation to come. That’s what happens when you go 1-for-8 in your elite-eight picks, I suppose.

    Go Butler. A MSU-Duke final would be even worse than last year’s.

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