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FAQ Update


This seems like an appropriate time to repost and update our FAQ:

Q: Are you lawyers?
A: Not all of us, although this is a common misperception. Paul Campos is, in fact, a law professor.

Q: Do you have any guns?
A: No. One of us does have a baseball bat, though.

Q: Do you have any money?
A: Not so that you’d notice.

Q: Wha?
A: It’s a Warren Zevon song. We’re social scientists, and we’ve devoted our careers, such that they are, to the study of the noted topics, more or less.

Q: Which of you is which?
A: Back in the day, Scott was Lawyers, Rob was Guns, and DJW was Money. More or less.

Q: Why does DJW rarely post?
A: He’s finishing his dissertation. He’s, uh… resting.

Q: And you guys are cool with that?
A: Yes. If there’s anything this world needs less that another political theory dissertation, it’s another blogger.

Q: How do you guys know each other?
A: Rob, Scott, and DJW were graduate students in political science at the University of Washington.

Q: What’s a “lefarkins”?
A: A term for the three of us coined by other political science graduate students.

Q: That sounds kind of derogatory, doesn’t it?
A: Yes.

Q: Wait; who is “d”?
A: Well, if you listen to Ann Althouse, “d” is a life-size representation of Scott’s genitalia. Others know “d” as David Hoogland Noon, historian.

Q: What’s a Hoogland?
A: I don’t know. Some kind of terrier, I think.

Q: How did Noon become part of LGM?
A: We found him on the street. And he had no home, and so we took him in, and he’s been with us ever since. He’s a good lawyer. Not a Sicilian, but I think he’s gonna be consiglieri.

Q: Really?
A: No. He writes at Axis of Evel Knievel, we felt we needed another contributor, so we invited him to join.

Q: And who is Paul Campos?
A: He’s a law professor at the University of Colorado. Unlike the rest of us, he actually has a wikipedia page. Check it out.

Q: Do the rest of you want wikipedia pages?
A: I can’t speak for the others, but I don’t think I could handle the strain of seeing my wikipedia page deleted for lack of relevance.

Q: What about SEK?
A: That’s Scott Eric Kaufman. He contributes to most blogs on the internet.

Q: What do you mean by that?
A: I mean that if you have a blog, eventually SEK will start contributing. It’s an internet tradition.

Q: Oh, yeah; that reminds me. What’s with the “All Internet Traditions” bit?
A: A while ago, some troll who didn’t know what “Shorter” meant declared that he was “aware of all internet traditions.” It kind of became an internet tradition of its own.

Q: I see….
A: Hey, back off. We made a real contribution to internet discourse.

Q: Okay. So who’s Brockington?
A: He’s this guy who used to go to grad school with Scott, Rob, and Dave. He now lives and works in the UK.

Q: Why does he blog here?
A: We were looking to corner the progressive blogosphere market on cricket commentary.

Q: Isn’t that just like baseball, only slower?
A: Hell if I know.

Q: What about Charli Carpenter? Who’s he?
A: She. She’s a professor of political science specializing in human security.

Q: Whoa. “Charli.” Kind of like “Charlie’s Angels?”
A: No. Actually, nothing like Charlie’s Angels. Charlie in Charlie’s Angels is a dude; he’s played by John Forsythe.

Q: Oh, okay. Then, like Charlie from Top Gun?
A: Actually, yeah; Charli even kind of has a fighter pilot thing going on.

Q: That character was so unbelievable; totally ruined my ability to suspend disbelief in Top Gun.
A: You know, somebody in the know told me that Charlie in Top Gun is based on a real person. Apparently, she was the most realistic part of the whole movie.

Q: Seriously?
A: Seriously.

Q: How long has LGM been running?
A: Since May 31, 2004

Q: You guys don’t care for Sam Alito or Sarah Palin, do you?
A: No.

Q: Do you think Sarah Palin is worse than the Hitler?
A: Um, no.

Q: So why do you write more about Sarah Palin than Adolf Hitler?
A: That’s a stupid question.

Q: Is Sarah Palin worse than, say, a peanut?
A: Depends on which one of us you ask.

Q: Do you guys like terrorists?
A: Not as a general rule.

Q: Do you take requests?
A: Sure, we take them…

Q: Why do you hate Mickey Kaus so much?
A: That’s like asking the square root of a million; no one will ever know.

Q: What’s with the whole battleship thing?
A: Apparently, Rob would rather write about battleships than get tenure.

Q: How many cats do you own?
A: Rob has three, Dave Noon has two, and DJW has one. I’m not sure about SEK or Charli or Paul.

Q: Do they all hump things?
A: Only Noon’s cats have displayed serial sexual deviance. I don’t have a good explanation for that, but it probably has something to do with Sarah Palin.

Q: What’s your blogroll policy?
A: We don’t have one. We reserve the right, however, to add or dump any blog at any time.

Q: Do you blogroll conservatives?
A: Sometimes, if they blogroll us.

Q: What’s your comments policy?
A: Arbitrary random drunkenness. Does that count as a policy?

Q: Do you worry about losing your jobs because of the blogging?
A: Not really. We work with cool people.

Q: Um… are there other questions I should ask?
A: Probably.

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  • DocAmazing

    Q: Are we not men?

  • Warren Terra

    That’s like asking the square root of a million; no one will ever know.

    Is the “square root of a million thing” some sort of call-out or quote? Googling the phrase just gets me straight answers, nothing pop culture-related. Maybe you’re just being deadpan and sarcastic, but using a question that’s easy to solve and saying “no one will ever know” just confuses me.

  • spacekase

    Q: Why do you hate Mickey Kaus so much?
    A: That’s like asking the square root of a million; no one will ever know.

    Now I get it. I really love this blog.

  • So do you guys have a link to the ‘shorter’ moment?

    • elm

      Unfortunately, I think all of the comments have disappeared with the move to the new site. I do hope they archived them before the move and could make the best threads available somehow.

      • Workin’ on it.

        • Malaclypse

          And now that my curiosity is raised, did any of the archived stuff get restored? Because that really was an awesome evening when that tradition was born.

          • If you guys still need the context for the “aware of all Internet traditions” moment, the Internet Archive has you covered.

  • Anonymous

    Q: do any of us have the Photoshop Skillz needed to put the ‘internet traditions’ line back in the header?
    A: apparently not.

    • SEK

      My wife, actually, but we have a few other things to take care of first. Don’t worry, everything’ll be cool and groovy soon enough.

  • Stag Party Palin

    Q: does the new format allow remembering one’s name, i.e. do we eat cookies?
    A: because that was me carping about the header.
    R[iposte]: no, because we’re trying to raise the IQ of our readers.

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