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Not Your Father’s Predator


You’ve got to be kidding me:

Could he kick Dutch’s ass? Probably not. I just hope he fights dirtier than he sails.

By casting Adrien Brody in PREDATORS, producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal have opted for an action lead somewhere between the ripped Arnold Schwarzenegger and the physically unspectacular Danny Glover. For those of you hoping Rodriguez and company would go the body-builder route (hey there, AB King!), they did bring in noted ass-kicker Oleg Taktarov! Is that enough beef for ya?

This, my friends, is not change that we can believe in. Predator was spectacular because, among other things, Carl Weathers played the geeky, pencil-necked bureaucrat. It was not a film that would tolerate Adrien Brody. Bill Duke would bleed him real quiet and just leave him there, just for the presumption.

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