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Have you ever looked at the lyrics of Rush songs really closely?


That was the question a young man who stopped by my office a few months ago had for me. He had read something I’d written, and was so impressed by my powers of perception regarding what’s really going on that he felt he could share with me certain recondite truths, including but not limited to

(1) The rock band Rush controls most of the world’s economy. The members of the band hold controlling voting shares of stock in Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Intel, and several other of the world’s largest corporations.

(2) They use their power of international commerce in the service of Satan.

(3) They used their powers a few days earlier to have him arrested by local law enforcement.

(4) All this and much more is practically self-evident to anyone who makes a close examination of the lyrics of their albums. It’s all right there if you’re just willing to look.

It was an interesting conversation, but one thing I didn’t do was argue with the guy about potential flaws in his theory.

I was reminded of that conversation by this Thomas Sowell column, replete as it is with barking paranoia of the most unhinged sort. I don’t want to argue with Sowell either. I mean what would be the point? He’s a crazy person.

(h/t Yglesias)

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