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Syllabus Bleg

[ 0 ] December 30, 2008 |

Each spring, I have to teach an introductory, interdisciplinary social science course with the banal title, “Reading and Writing in the Social Sciences.” In years past, we’ve spent most of our time reading a selection of journal articles from the various disciplines in my program (i.e., history, poly sci, anth, sociology, psych and econ) and writing critical essays, book reviews, etc. Its a required course for our major, and students are about as enthusiastic about it as you’d expect them to be. This year, in the interest of making things a little more lively, I’m going to try and incorporate some academic blogs into the mix.

I figure for history, I’ll have students read Civil War Memory, or Rustbelt Intellectual, or any number of other sites. For econ, maybe Brad DeLong and Marginal Revolution among others (maybe Krugman and Freakonomics, too). For political science, maybe PoliBlog, The Monkey Cage, and of course American Power.

But what about psychology, sociology and anthropology? I suppose I could always have students poke through thae Academic Blog Wiki to find something they like, but I’m wondering if any of you folks have suggestions to get us/me started…


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