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Some thoughts on the way we live now.

The most annoying part of having to take off my shoes (besides the sense that I’m taking part in a ritualistic humiliation of my entire culture, with creeping authoritarian undertones), is the reminder that I really need to buy some new ones.

And if you purchase LGM merchandise within the next 15 minutes you can make that dream a reality.

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  • >>if I were a American-hating terrorist or terrorist sympathizer
    If? ;)

  • Als, Bruce Schneier of Schneier on Security contributed to an article on airport security with the Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg:
    and a report from him on the TSA response:

  • Mike

    The worst thing about having to take your shoes off is revealing the holes in your socks.

  • Jeff

    Ain’t that the truth. I just came back from flying to Connecticut last week, and the whole thing struck me as an exercise in following the rules simply because they’re the rules. Not only are these rules patently absurd on their face, but if you voice the absurdity, you become immediately suspect; i.e., questioning the rules is, itself, against the rules…

  • Jeff

    Hey, lutton, those Schneier pieces are interesting, tnx…

  • Do you know what it takes to get a fullfledged rant from me about my deep and absolutely hatred of the TSA and security theater? Damn near nothing! Why would you provoke me? Do you WANT a comment section full of gibbering invective from me?

  • Steve

    OK, I “docilely” take off my shoes and toss my bottle of water (and in my wife’s case, a bottle of expensive perfume) because what’s the alternative? You can’t argue with the TSA when you’re trying to board a plane. But here’s the thing: one of these days a “terrorist” will get on a plane with a stick of dynamite inserted in his ass, and either succeed or more likely be thwarted. After that, what will our “security screening” consist of?

  • jmack

    As has been pointed out before, it is fortunate that Richard Reid was not wearing an underwear bomb.

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