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Huh? What? Was Pete Carroll Deeply Invested in Washington Mutual?


Before I forget, precisely what the fuck happened last night in Corvallis?

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  • Evan

    USC got their ass kicked, I think.

  • haha, on PTI they debated whether USC would be over/under 50 points. I think they ended up saying under, but they’d easily cover the spread which was something like 25 1/2.

  • USC’s defense spent a little too much time reading the GREATEST TEAM EVARR columns written in the wake of their dismantling of Ohio State, and got run over by a 5’6″ freshman running back.

  • CJR

    Oregon State shoved the ball right up the gut, that’s what happened.

  • rorycalhoun

    Couldn’t hear enough: “the Beavers score again” on the teevee broadcast. And the deer-in-the-headlights” on Petey’s countenance.
    He looked absolutely Palinized.

  • What happened was that we learned two things:
    1. The PAC 10 isn’t really top heavy like we all thought; it has no real weight anywhere, and
    2. Ohio State really, really, really sucks.

  • It’s not always the best team that wins on a day. It’s who plays hard.
    The Beavers aren’t letting it go to their heads, obviously.

  • rorycalhoun

    It’ll be Ohio State vs USC in the BCS title game. You can almost see it coming.

  • ThresherK

    Something good was preordained to happen when Oregon State gave up those horrendous jogbra jerseys.

  • flounder

    rorycalhoun, and there will be an undefeated BYU team playing some 9-5 Big East team.
    [disclosure, I really, really, hate BYU…but they look really, really good]

  • mwg

    BYU doesn’t look *that* good. They pummeled a schizophrenic UCLA team, but needed a blocked extra point to beat winless Washington. (If I remember the play correctly, I don’t think that stupid celebration penalty was really a factor.)
    Hard to say if Ohio State is *that* bad. I think this might be a case of USC slacking off at a bad time. We might be in for another weird year, too.

  • Aaron

    If this the same Oregon State team from Week 2, or have they got some injured players back in the lineup or something similar?
    If nothing’s really changed, then perhaps Ohio State has to worry more about winning their conference than playing for a MNC.

  • I don’t think it was a case of an off day. Oregon State pretty much just ran the same play over and over again, especially in the first half. USC’s defense was incapable of adjusting to it, and therefore the front 7 were pretty much constantly out of position. That’s how a tiny freshman runningback, with a mediocre offensive line, runs roughshod over a vaunted defense full of future Sunday players. And that’s just not how good defenses play, even on off days.
    On the offensive side of the ball, that was just God awful play calling. Two words: direct fucking snap. What the hell?
    Oh, and Ohio State really is that bad. Did ya see the Ohio game?

  • As a PA boy, I’m super excited about the opportunity that’s now been presented to Penn State. Go Lions!

  • mwg

    Ohio State is not playing well now, correct. I guess a better question would be whether or not they continue to play poorly. It’s not uncommon for a talented team to struggle early but play well later in the season. Tressel is overrated, in my opinion, but he’s certainly capable of turning them around and I’d still be surprised if they finished the regular season at worse than 10-2 or 9-3.
    Pleasantly surprised, but still surprised.

  • Beavers squeeze Trojans. Stanford whacks Beavers.
    According to the GOP, that makes Stanford #1. Now, if we could just persuade the Hoover Institution to field a team against USC on 11/15, all our troubles would be over.

  • Corvalis is a strange, strange place to play.
    A lot of teams play up there in both basketball and football and get their heads handed to them. I’ve never been able to figure it out either.
    Clearly, Oregon State is probably better than their record, and USC was worse than their record. Couple that with a fired up OSU home crowd that got even more fired up when the Beavers jumped on USC early, and a USC team that clearly thought they could mail this one in, and voila! One upset.

  • All I can say is I hope that my Bears can play with as much intensity when they go to LA to meet USC. I am really tired of losing my annual bet with my brother!

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