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With all due respect to Paul, my latte-sipping colleague, it bears pointing out that neither he nor his libertarian friend have taken the time to consider the possibility that Sarah Palin is not so much a conveyor of “context-free linguistic gobbets” so much as she’s “a down-home straight-talker who doesn’t dodge a bullet.” Which I suppose means she’s slow and possesses no survival instincts.

Which I guess reinforces Paul’s point. Er…

But she’s at least as smart as Paul Krugman!

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  • Soren

    Wow, talk about putting lipstick on a pig…

  • Palin couldn’t answer a question straight if her life depended on it.

  • The only person in that campaign who runs around topics worse than Palin is Tucker Bounds. Now that guy can dodge a question.

  • RP

    But USC is losing to Oregon State.

  • rorycalhoun

    After eight years of translating W’s gibberish for us, it’s a wonder the MSM couldn’t give us a better version of what the Gov. was trying to say.
    The stunning performance was too much for even that light weight Katie Couric to comprehend.
    The lunatic fringe is saying the tape was edited to make the Gov. look stupid.
    The little dopes are half right.

  • kth

    Tangential, but Kaus may have topped (bottomed?) himself:

    But would a looser format really disadvantage Palin in the encounter? 1) She seems like a scrapper who can handle herself in a “free-wheeling” exchange;

  • Funkhauser

    I saw that earlier today and grimaced. Because Sarah Palin threatens that there might be a Depression and Paul Krugman threatens that there might be a Depression, therefore Palin = equally as perceptive as Krugman.
    I laughed earlier when TIDOS Yankee and his commenters called Sarah smarter than Obama. I now cringe that I belong to the same professional association (I suppose; this New Orleans thing could have driven him out) as Prof. Victory.

  • Max

    The only reason W got a pass on this stuff in 2000 is that his Dad was an internationally-respected former President, and his family and their friends comprised a large fraction of the governing establishment of the country.
    Palin’s power-base and circle of political influence extends to building a hockey rink in Wasilla. And the Republicans are is finding out that it takes more than lipstick to make a pit bull.
    Epic Fail.

  • EL

    “But she’s at least as smart as Paul Krugman!” She might be smarter than Wolfowitz of Arabia. Actually, she would have been perfect on Jerry’s team in Iraq during the CPA. I wax nostalgic for the good old simple days.

  • Deggjr

    I saw a couple of comments on TIDOS Yankee as well. They reminded me of this scene from Legally Blond:
    Warner Huntington III: You got into Harvard Law?
    Elle: What? Like, it’s hard?

  • Fauxmaxbaer

    Of course, she’s as smart as Krugman. She just couches her pearls of wisdom in authentic frontier gibberish.

  • Fauxmaxbaer

    Oops, I’m sorry to have used the word pearls which is reminiscent of “pearls before swine.” And that means I’m calling Palin a pig.

  • McKingford

    Do. Not. Feed. Trolls.

  • jon

    Krugman just called Palin ‘totally incoherent’ on Air America, in regards to her economics/bailout answer to Katie Couric.
    Me, I’d prefer to be at least as smart as Paul Krugman, and leave it at that.

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